Reno Tips

  1. Make a statement in the kitchen

    Make a statement in the kitchen

    Make a statement in the kitchen 

    Let your personality come through with these Samsung Bespoke home appliances.


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  2. A Showcase of Possibilities

    A Showcase of Possibilities

    It’s easy to lose yourself in this refreshing, living space made cosier with home products from Gain City.

  3. Which home style are you vibing?

    Which home style are you vibing?

    Scandi, Japanese or vintage boho – you can’t go wrong with these when deciding
    on a décor theme for your home.

    If you’re a first-time homebuyer, you’re probably excited about decorating your
    home and putting your own unique spin on it. But with so many types of furniture, ornaments and accessories to choose from, it can be tough deciding on a style that looks good and is easy to achieve yet functional. These three interior design options check all those boxes, and more.


  4. 8 Tips to Spruce Up Your Home

    8 Tips to Spruce Up Your Home

    Whether you are decorating from scratch or simply want to refresh your space, let these expert ideas be your guide.

    When it comes to choosing an interior style there’s always a lot to consider, from how much money you’re willing to spend to the colours and materials to go with. Planning the space and deciding on a look or theme are good places to start. From there, it’s about adding your personal touches, finding ways to stretch your budget, and taking the chance to try something bold (or not). We asked Jason Pan, Senior Creative Lead at local interior design firm Design Identity (, for tips to help bring an interior project to life.


    1) Find your unique decorating style

    Home decorating is just

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  5. Bring the farm home

    Bring the farm home

    Bring the farm home

    Grow and harvest your own veggies and herbs at home with this eco-friendly indoor “farm”.

    TEXT Michelle Wong

    Singapore is heavily reliant on the world for its food needs. In fact, more than 90 per cent of our food is imported. But, what if something were to happen to our food supply? What the Covid pandemic has shown is that we can’t afford to take food security for granted.

    Singapore aims to meet 30 per cent of its nutritional needs through locally produced food by 2030, and the Indoor Smart Eco Farm, now retailed at Gain City, was created to help with this goal. Measuring 1.7m in height, 77cm in length and 44cm in width, this mini-

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  6. Bringing the outdoors in

    Bringing the outdoors in

    Bringing the outdoors in

    No garden? No problem. Feel like you’re out in nature with these tips.

    Spending time in nature is good for your emotional well-being and a great way to destress. If you can’t be outside, however, or if you don’t have a garden, try these easy decorating ideas to transform your living space into a peaceful, outdoor-like oasis.

    Fill your home with flowers and plants
    Turn your space into a green sanctuary with potted plants and fresh flowers. Studies show that when plants release their moisture into the air, it can help bring the temperature of the room down. So place them by windows and doors, in corners, and on tables and dressers. Plants like succulents, the snake plant, the Chinese money plant, orchids, monstera and ferns are low-maintenance and thrive indoors. Potted herbs on your kitchen counter are a

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  7. Let Fengshui Be A Part Of Your New Home

    Let Fengshui Be A Part Of Your New Home

    Living with fengshui

    Geomancy Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong practises what he preaches, as evidencedin his new home.

    Those looking to buy a new house or renovate their current abode may want to consider cultivating some good fengshui. Understanding how to apply the principles can be a daunting task for firsttimers though, so we speak to Singapore’s very own fengshui Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong, Chief Geomancer of Way Fengshui Group, who recently moved into his new home, to get some advice.

    What is the design concept for your new house?

    Tan: My wife wanted this house to be where we spend our old age, so our main concern was the ease of convenience for our living. Naturally, my wife’s needs take precedence over everything else, so she has the first say in the design. My needs come in

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  8. Smart Changes For BIG Savings

    Lady change light bulb

    Smart changes for BIG savings

    Practical ways to save energy, reduce your electricity bills and do good for the world.

    There’s been much in the news recently about electricity costs creeping up. The bad news is experts anticipate these costs to rise in the future. So it’s now more important than ever to choose options and adopt solutions that aid in saving energy at home so as to lower household bills in the long run. That said, the key to an energy-saving home is setting it up to conserve as much energy as possible without you having to do extra on a day-to-day basis. Here’s how you can do it.

    Opt for LED lights

    When buying lights, go for energy-efficient options such as LED bulbs. To produce the same amount of light, LED bulbs use u

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  9. Picking The Right Materials For Your Home

    Picking The Right Materials For Your Home



    Engineered Quartz

    Made by combining crushed quartz with resin and pigment, this popular option comes in a variety of colours and patterns that often mimic more expensive natural stone. People love it because it’s scratch-, stain- and heat-resistant, which makes it ideal for use in the kitchen or bathroom.

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