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  1. Bring the farm home

    Bring the farm home

    Bring the farm home

    Grow and harvest your own veggies and herbs at home with this eco-friendly indoor “farm”.

    TEXT Michelle Wong

    Singapore is heavily reliant on the world for its food needs. In fact, more than 90 per cent of our food is imported. But, what if something were to happen to our food supply? What the Covid pandemic has shown is that we can’t afford to take food security for granted.

    Singapore aims to meet 30 per cent of its nutritional needs through locally produced food by 2030, and the Indoor Smart Eco Farm, now retailed at Gain City, was created to help with this goal. Measuring 1.7m in height, 77cm in length and 44cm in width, this mini-

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  2. Because we love our furkids…

    Because we love our furkids…

    Because we love our furkids…

    Pets offer comfort and companionship, and they deserve the best in care too.

    TEXT Erina Noor


    Keep them safe

    Spending long hours at the office but worried about your pet? With the Pan/ Tilt Home Security Wi-Fi Camera from TP Link, you can care for your pet at any time of the day. This ultra-high definition security camera offers live view and even two-way audio. That way, you can hear your furbabies, and soothe them during thunderstorms if you’re not home.

    Pets eat healthy too!

    Store-bought pet food typically contains additives that could upset your furkids’ stomac

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  3. Bringing the outdoors in

    Bringing the outdoors in

    Bringing the outdoors in

    No garden? No problem. Feel like you’re out in nature with these tips.

    Spending time in nature is good for your emotional well-being and a great way to destress. If you can’t be outside, however, or if you don’t have a garden, try these easy decorating ideas to transform your living space into a peaceful, outdoor-like oasis.

    Fill your home with flowers and plants
    Turn your space into a green sanctuary with potted plants and fresh flowers. Studies show that when plants release their moisture into the air, it can help bring the temperature of the room down. So place them by windows and doors, in corners, and on tables and dressers. Plants like succulents, the snake plant, the Chinese money plant, orchids, monstera and ferns are low-maintenance and thrive indoors. Potted herbs on your kitchen counter are a

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  4. Never lock yourself out again

    Never lock yourself out again

    Never lock yourself out again.
    Say goodbye to fumbling for keys, replacing locksets and the frustration of being locked out of your home or office. These digital locks will give you peace of mind and make your life easier.

    Futuristic focus
    Samsung Push Pull Digital Lock SHP-DP728-Gold W

    If you like keeping abreast of the latest tech trends, this

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  5. 3 Inspiring K-POP Celebrity Homes


    3 Inspiring K-POP Celebrity Homes

    Take a leaf from the homes of these Korean pop superstars the next time you’re redecorating.

    Looking for inspiration to tackle the challenge of decorating your home? Look no further than these K-pop celebrity homes. Their stunning cribs are not only functional, they also reflect each celeb’s individualism and creativity

    BigBang’s G-Dragon

    Much like his personality, G-Dragon’s penthouse is flamboyantly colourful from head to toe. Unique art pieces give the penthouse its lively character and can be found in every corner. Even its curtains are emblazoned with minimalistic line art.

    We love his innovative design aesthetic: Cue the

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