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  1. Cook with precision, beauty and flair

    Cook with precision, beauty and flair

    This ltalian-crafted oven adds a fresh elegant style to your kitchen.

    The Bertazzoni Modern Series is an embodiment of true Italian craftsmanship, meticulously blending glass and precious

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  2. Go on holiday without leaving home

    Go on holiday without leaving home

    Five ways to incorporate travel-inspired decor into your space.

    Who hasn’t returnedfrom a holiday feeling nostalgic for the destination they just left? Maybe you can’t stop thinking about that exotic Balinese resort, with its teak furniture and intricately carved statues, the pastel-coloured fishing villages of the Amalfi Coast, or the lush New Zealand countryside, with its quaint farmhouses and picturesque vineyards.

    Travelling again may

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  3. Turn up the heat

    Turn up the heat

    -Enjoy your hot shower with these state-of-art water heaters.

    There’s nothing more comforting than a hot shower after

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  4. Dual storage, infinite elegance

    Dual storage, infinite elegance

    Store wine or canned drinks! There's something for everyone.

    It can be tricky storing your wine collection at the perfect temperature in our humid climate, and particularly if you have limited space in your home. Since 1998, Kadeka has offered the wine-drinking community a range of products to keep their wine bottles in perfect condition.