Dual storage, infinite elegance

Store wine or canned drinks! There's something for everyone.

It can be tricky storing your wine collection at the perfect temperature in our humid climate, and particularly if you have limited space in your home. Since 1998, Kadeka has offered the wine-drinking community a range of products to keep their wine bottles in perfect condition.



Both the KB40WBC and the KB80WBC wine chillershave separate compartments with their own temperature zones (KB40WBC has upper and lower temperature zones of 5-18°C; for KB80WBC, the upper temperature zone is 5-18°C and the lower temperature zone is 3-18°C) and customisable racking systems, suitable for storing canned and bottle beverages. The gun metal finishing and clear glass door let you see what’s inside, and with fully extendable rails, everything is within easy reach.



The KB40WBC and KB80WBC are part of the Medley series. The former is an under-counter wine chiller, while the latter is a bigger version of the KB40WBC.

Both have a built-in lock and an alarm feature when the door is left opened. Choose from three LED light colours: white, blue and amber.