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  1. Picture Perfect TV

    Picture Perfect TV


    If you don’t have much space to work with or don’t want to buy a projector, a large-screen TV is your most practical choice to getting the biggest images. For an excellent theatre-like effect, choose a TV with a 65-inch (or bigger) display panel and make sure it supports 4K resolution (whatever you’re watching will just look sharper and appear more detailed). Do also look out for a TV with HDR, or High Dynamic Range, which most of today’s TVs already have. HDR makes compatible content look richer in colour and more realistic, vastly improving the viewing experience. There are three HDR content standards, namely, Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG. Check out these TVs to help you build a home theatre system your family will love.


  2. Beauty & Grooming Goals for 2023

    Beauty & Grooming Goals for 2023
    Looking your best is easy when you have a little help.

    Whether you want a buttery-smooth shave, super-clean skin or a salon-worthy blowout, these products get the job done.

    A close shave

  3. Gift Guide - For the VVIPs in your life

    Gift Guide - For the VVIPs in your life
    Gifting Ideas: Show some love to your favourite people this season.

    The best buys for all your favourite people, including yourself, of course. Go on and splurge this coming new year!

    Home appliances and lifestyle products make great gifts, so treat your nearest and dearest to these items, which have a range of unique features and innovations to help make their lives easier.