Aircon Servicing and Repair

Aircon Services

At Gaincity, we provide air-con servicing works for both residential and commercial premises. Our technicians are qualified, skilled and experienced in repair and maintenance of all air conditioners. On top of that, we offer competitive prices for all our services. We stay fully committed to ensuring all our clients are satisfied with the way we provide our services.

As a company, we remain focused to giving the best to all our customers. Come and experience a personal touch in all of our services.

Extend the life span of your aircon units with regular servicing

Routine Service include:

  • Systematic examination and cleaning of fancoil
  • Check all safety circuits
  • Check suction and discharge pressure of the compressors
  • Check on seals and joints of pipes for leakages, repair (chargeable) if necessary
  • Flush drainage pipe blockages
  • Check, clean and wash fancoil’s air filter
  • Check on bolts and nuts for tightness and corrosion
  • Check and clean cooling coil, water tray and blower
  • Test run the aircon unit after each servicing and repair work
  • Inspect and clean air filter, cooling coil and fancoil’s blower
  • Clean drain pan and flush condensate water drain pipe
  • Check all electrical components
  • Check compressor for sign of corrosion and abnormal noise during operation
  • Inspect equipment for refrigerant leaks
  • Not included but available options: Chemical Wash Condenser Unit Servicing (Rates varies depend on models)

Are You Aware of aircon service

Why choose GainCity Best Electric to do your Aircon Installation?

At Gain City, We take pride in our installation services and we do not compromise on the material used. All installation carried out by Gain City’s BCA-certified technicians adhere to the highest standards in accordance to government regulations. Top quality workmanship is certainly worth your time and investment.


Pricing for Economy Service


Ad-Hoc Basis

Capacity BTU

1st FCU

Subsequent FCU

Below 24,000





1-Year Package


2 Times

3 Times

4 Times

6 Times

System 1





System 2





System 3





System 4





System 5








2-Year Package 3-Year Package


1st Year

2 Times

2nd Year

3 Times

1st Year

2 Times

2nd Year

3 Times

3rd Year

4 Times

System 1



System 2



System 3



System 4



System 5




Service Contract Packages

  • Applicable only for Residential use
  • Applicable only for New Aircon system purchased
  • Applicable for 24,000 BTU and below
  • Our Service Contract are Not Transferable
  • Not included but available addon: Chemical Wash and Condenser Unit Servicing

For aircon service packages & maintenance enquiries, please call +65 6222 1212 or write to us here.