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  1. Your Cooking Companions

    Your Cooking Companions

    Preparing a family feast has never been easier with these Tefal kitchen appliances.

    Create a variety of dishes your family will love with help from two kitchen counter-friendly appliances from Tefal.

    Tefal Easy Fry Grill & Steam FW2018

    The 3-in-one Easy Fry Grill & Steam FW2018 combines an air-fryer, grill and steamer in one convenient appliance. In air-fryer mode, it creates golden fried treats
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  2. Dishwashers with a difference

    Dishwashers with a difference

    These latest Samsung offerings do a whole lot more than just clean your dishes.

    Leave the tedious task of dishwashing to Samsung, whose newly launched Freestanding Dishwashers ensure a hygienic, convenient and efficient clean every time.

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  3. Gift Guide - For the VVIPs in your life

    Gift Guide - For the VVIPs in your life
    Gifting Ideas: Show some love to your favourite people this season.

    The best buys for all your favourite people, including yourself, of course. Go on and splurge this coming new year!

    Home appliances and lifestyle products make great gifts, so treat your nearest and dearest to these items, which have a range of unique features and innovations to help make their lives easier.


  4. Breathe easy with Acer

    Breathe easy with Acer

    Breathe easy with Acer

    Air circulators and purifiers protect your home.


    Acer’s 2-in-1 Smart Air Circulator and Purifier combines the best of both worlds, by integrating “Smart” and “Freshness” into the perfect technology for any home. The 2-in-1 Smart Air Circulator and Purifier comes with a HEPA Plus+ Filter that protects your home from 99.9% viruses and bacteria. It also fills the air with a high concentration of negative ions to eliminate pesky dust and PM1.0 particles.

    The 2-in-1 Smart Air Circulator and Purifier, when combined with the Acerpure Life app, give you helpful insight into your indoor air quality and offers you the ease of control over your air circulator’s functions even when you are not at home.


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  5. Because we love our furkids…

    Because we love our furkids…

    Because we love our furkids…

    Pets offer comfort and companionship, and they deserve the best in care too.

    TEXT Erina Noor


    Keep them safe

    Spending long hours at the office but worried about your pet? With the Pan/ Tilt Home Security Wi-Fi Camera from TP Link, you can care for your pet at any time of the day. This ultra-high definition security camera offers live view and even two-way audio. That way, you can hear your furbabies, and soothe them during thunderstorms if you’re not home.

    Pets eat healthy too!

    Store-bought pet food typically contains additives that could upset your furkids’ stomac

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  6. Tips For Choosing The Perfect Appliances

    Tips For Choosing The Perfect Appliances

    Tips for choosing the perfect appliance

    1 Fan

    Standing fans are great for cooling rooms and small spaces, while ceiling fans ventilate a bigger area. When buying a ceiling fan, first check that it has a Safety Mark. Also check that it’s energy efficient, that it’s quiet (if this is an important consideration), and that its blades are long and wide enough to cool the space it’s in. Follow the HDB guidelines for ceiling fans: For instance, the fan must be at least 2.4m from the floor and weigh no more than 35kg.

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  7. Full steam ahead with Bertazzoni


    Full steam ahead with Bertazzoni

    These steam ovens add

    Italian flair to any kitchen.


    Add a splash of colour with Bertazzoni’s latest range of modern steam ovens. Houseproud homeowners can say goodbye to boring, homogenous kitchens with one of these beauties in their kitchen. Exclusively distributed by Capital Marketing (S) Pte Ltd, Bertazzoni pride themselves on combining industrial production methods and engineering skills with elegant Italian design flair. For more than 135 years, Bertazzoni cooking appliances have been helping people bring the best in home-cooked food to the family table. With the Modern Series’ new built-in range, Bertazzoni’s designers have combined glass and precious metals along

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  8. Let Heat Flow

    Water Heater

    A warm shower after a long day is an easily affordable luxury with the right water heater. All it takes is deciding what works best for your home.

    Instant heaters are suitable for compact spaces and are highly energy efficient. The 707 Kingston packs a punch with its Inverter DC Booster Pump, which, as its name suggests, helps boost low water pressure. What’s also great about this heater is its safety system, thoughtfully constructed with smart features for your piece of mind. These include an Earth Leakage Sensing Device, which shuts off the power supply upon detecting c

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  9. Your New Private Chef

    Your New Private Chef

    Meet your new private chef

    Whipping up delicious and wholesome homemade meals just became easier for the busiest urbanite.

    Who says home cooked food has to be boring and bland? With minimal prep, your meals can be as delicious as your favourite dine-in guilty pleasures, minus the artery clogging grease.

    Whether you have a soft spot for crispy fried chicken or fries, the new Philips Airfryer XXL will prep it with up to 90 per cent less fat. This oil-free indulgence is not only healthier, but also tastier. Thanks to the Philips air flow and starfish design, food is cooked uniformly from all sides. It’s also 1.5 times faster than an oven.

    Expand your menu with minimal effort. With baking, grilling, roasting and reheating f

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  10. Build Your Fridge In Your Own Way

    Samsung fridge

    Samsung BESPOKE- Build it your way

    The new Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator lets you configure it the way you like, so you’re free to express your unique aesthetic.

    Homeowners today dream of personalised kitchens, and Samsung’s BESPOKE refrigerator line-up is here to make it a reality. With colour customisation, you no longer have to be limited to a silver or black fridge. Choose from five classic and vibrant hues: Glam White, Glam Pink, Glam Navy, Satin Sky Blue and Satin Grey, available in two finishes – silky-matte Satin Glass and glossy Glam Glass. Colour panels are changeable1, so if you fancy a kitchen revamp later, simply switch to a new set of colour panels for a brand new look.

    The flat-panel design features recessed handles for a sea

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