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  1. A touch of the tropics at home

    A touch of the tropics at home

    This trio of home appliances will add character to your kitchen counter.

    The Mayer Paradise Collection is a range of three home appliances that combines modern designs, trendy colours and innovative features.


    Make healthier fried foods in this 3.5L Digital Glass Air Fryer (MMGAF350D), which cooks at temperatures of between 50 to 200 deg C. It has a 60-minute timer, a see-through borosilicate glass basket, a removable basket tray, an automatic cut-o switch and overheating protection.

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  2. Fan fare

    Fan fare

    These compact and energy-efficient ceiling fans are perfect for my home. 

    Ceiling fans are a staple in many Singapore homes. KDK fans are particularly loved for their durability, reliability

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  3. A private yet practical haven

    A private yet practical haven

    Actor Desmond Ng’s new home is infused with a style that resonates with his personality.

    Getai singer, television host and up-andcoming actor Desmond Ng is best known for his successes in the professional sphere, especially given his recent Best Actor Nomination at the Star Awards this year. However, beyond his public persona hides a composed, calm, and deeply introspective soul eager to recharge in a serene space that he can call Read more »

  4. Creating a living space

    Creating a living space

    Opt for furnishings that transform your home into a relaxing , living space.

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