Monthly Archives: September 2023

  1. Keep a cool head

    Keep a cool head

    This portable air-conditioner is a great mobile cooling solution. 

    A portable air-conditioner is the answer when you need

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  2. Setting the stage for comfort design

    Setting the stage for comfort design

    Fujitsu Air Conditioners' latest series, AIRSTAGE, features enhanced technology. 

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  3. Cool Slumber

    Cool Slumber

    Get better sleep with a mattress that regulates your skin temperature for a comfortable sleep environment 

    If our hot and humid weather keeps you up all

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  4. Slash your electricity bill

    Slash your electricity bill

    This highperformance insulation system saves energy and optimises your airconditioner for more comfort.

    Poor air-con insulation products result in condensation, which may affect insulation performance and increase energy consumption. The ArmaFlex® insulation system by Armacell comprises three products to enhance condensation control, reduce heat loss and conserve energy in our tropical climate.