Slash your electricity bill

This highperformance insulation system saves energy and optimises your airconditioner for more comfort.

Poor air-con insulation products result in condensation, which may affect insulation performance and increase energy consumption. The ArmaFlex® insulation system by Armacell comprises three products to enhance condensation control, reduce heat loss and conserve energy in our tropical climate.


ArmaFlex Class 0 is a flexible, closed-cell insulation material, with built-in Microban® antimicrobial product protection to reduce mould and bacteria growth. It offers reliable condensation control, and is energy saving and easy to install.

ArmaFlex Shield CX features an insulating closed-cell structure with built-in PVC skin jacketing engineered for durability in our climate. Its tough skin is resistant to UV and humidity, plus it protects against thermal loss, thus saving energy, and provides an innate barrier against water ingress.

The third product in the system is ArmaFlex 520 adhesive, an air-drying contact adhesive that is excellent for joining seams and butt joints of ArmaFlex pipe insulation for line temperatures up to 105 deg C.


Visit ArmaLive – ASEAN’s first experience and application training centre by an insulation manufacturer like Armacell. The newly-opened 16,000 sq ft space houses a classroom and in-house application training facility as well as an interactive experience
centre that showcases an extensive range of thermal and acoustic products. Four new product line-ups are also on display: ArmaPET®, a structural core material based on recycled PET bottles; ArmaCompTM engineered foams; ArmaFix® pipe and duct hangers; and ArmaProtect® passive fire protection range.