Monthly Archives: December 2023

  1. Cool Savers

    Cool Savers

    Keeping your home cool shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket, as these air-conditioners demonstrate.

     Air-conditioners used to be costly to run, but these days, many brands offer energy efficient models, which cool your home faster and keep it at a consistently

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  2. The heat is on

    The heat is on

    Enjoy uninterrupted hot showers and timeless designs that blend with any home aesthetic with Rheem’s range of electric storage water heaters.


  3. The cold treatment

    The cold treatment

    This sleek and compact French Door-Refrigerator prolongs the freshness of your food. 

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  4. Clearing the air

    Clearing the air

    In our humid and sometimes hazy environment, dehumidifiers and air purifiers are smart investments for the home.