Clearing the air

In our humid and sometimes hazy environment, dehumidifiers and air purifiers are smart investments for the home.

With humidity in Singapore turning our homes into steam rooms lately, many homeowners have started looking into acquiring a dehumidifier. This differs from a humidifier in that it removes moisture from the environment and condenses it into liquid water, whereas the latter adds moisture to it. A dehumidifier offers many benefits, including eliminating musty odours that can accompany mould and mildew; minimising mildew growth and dampness on windows, furniture and valuables; speeding up the drying of clothes that are being air-dried; and helping to reduce dust mite allergens.

Both appliances are also different from an air purifier, which removes airborne contaminants, dust and allergens, and redistributes clean air to improve indoor air quality.

We look at some outstanding models.


The LG Dehumidifier MD19GQGA1 has a dual inverter compressor, which is effective in saving energy, lowering noise, and making the appliance extremely durable. Using the ThinQ app, you can easily monitor and control the dehumidifier, anywhere, anytime.


Cleans and cools

The Philips Air Purifier & Fan AMF765/30 purifies large rooms of up to 70 sqm and distributes clean airflow to every corner, removing contaminants and allergens such as bacteria, pollen, pet dander, dust mites, mould spores and odours.

Additionally, it cools you down with powerful, clean airflow that feels natural and pleasant, thanks to the bladeless design.


Minimalistic design

The sleek and simple design of the Mistral Dehumidifier 20L MDH2065 allows it to blend seamlessly into any space. Powerful yet compact, it removes moisture in the air to eliminate allergens, boasts two speeds with four functions (Auto, Fan, Dry, Laundry), automatically sanitises with a built-in filter, and is low-noise.


For homes with pets

Allergens can be an issue if you have pets, but the LG Air Purifier Pet Mode AS65GDSTO helps remove dust and allergens, and delivers fresh air in return. Thanks to its clever design, it purifies the air all around you, in every direction, no matter where you place it.