1. Go on holiday without leaving home

    Go on holiday without leaving home

    Five ways to incorporate travel-inspired decor into your space.

    Who hasn’t returnedfrom a holiday feeling nostalgic for the destination they just left? Maybe you can’t stop thinking about that exotic Balinese resort, with its teak furniture and intricately carved statues, the pastel-coloured fishing villages of the Amalfi Coast, or the lush New Zealand countryside, with its quaint farmhouses and picturesque vineyards.

    Travelling again may

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  2. Turn up the heat

    Turn up the heat

    -Enjoy your hot shower with these state-of-art water heaters.

    There’s nothing more comforting than a hot shower after

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  3. Dual storage, infinite elegance

    Dual storage, infinite elegance

    Store wine or canned drinks! There's something for everyone.

    It can be tricky storing your wine collection at the perfect temperature in our humid climate, and particularly if you have limited space in your home. Since 1998, Kadeka has offered the wine-drinking community a range of products to keep their wine bottles in perfect condition.


  4. Freestanding VS. Built-in: which is better

    Freestanding VS. Built-in: which is better

    In terms of kitchen appliances, both have advantages and disadvantages, says one interior stylist.

    When it comes to kitchen appliances, are you Team

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  5. Feng shui tips for new homeowners

    Feng shui tips for new homeowners

    How to create good engergy flow,, when to renovate, what to do with clutter, and more. 

    As one of Singapore’s foremost

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  6. Perfect meals, every time

    Perfect meals, every time

    Enjoy exceptional culinary results with this oven range that boasts an innovative technology. 

    From luxury French home appliances manufacturer De Dietrich comes three Perfect Sensor ovens –

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  7. Bring the cinema home

    Bring the cinema home

    This advanced and innovative OLED TV is the future of home entertainment 

    As LG celebrates its 10th consecutive year as the world’s top OLED TV brand

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  8. Cool Savers

    Cool Savers

    Keeping your home cool shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket, as these air-conditioners demonstrate.

     Air-conditioners used to be costly to run, but these days, many brands offer energy efficient models, which cool your home faster and keep it at a consistently

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  9. The heat is on

    The heat is on

    Enjoy uninterrupted hot showers and timeless designs that blend with any home aesthetic with Rheem’s range of electric storage water heaters.


  10. The cold treatment

    The cold treatment

    This sleek and compact French Door-Refrigerator prolongs the freshness of your food. 

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  11. Clearing the air

    Clearing the air

    In our humid and sometimes hazy environment, dehumidifiers and air purifiers are smart investments for the home.

  12. Steam solution

    Steam solution

    This Powerful cleaner thoroughly sanitises floors, titles, and more, using steam. 

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  13. Bespoke appliances for a kitchen as unique as you

    Bespoke appliances for a kitchen as unique as you

    Designed for the modern and stylish home cook 

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  14. Turn your living room into a theatre

    Turn your living room into a theatre

    Settle in for movie night, every night, with these big-screen TVs, soundbars and speakers 

    One of the best things to do on weekends is to watch a movie at home with your loved ones. But if you thought you had to settle for a so-so experience with muffled sounds and grainy images, don’t sell yourself short. The ultimate viewing (and auditory) experience is within reach, thanks to technology and groundbreaking innovations in the television industry.

    After all, movies are made to be enjoyed on large screens, so it’s

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  15. 8 ways to create your dream kitchen

    8 ways to create your dream kitchen

    Often considered to be the ‘heart’ of the home, this is one space you’ll want to pay more attention to when designing your home. Here are tips to get the most out of the space you have and make it work for you.

  16. The oven that cleans itself

    The oven that cleans itself

    This traditional oven steams and grills and is pyrolytic to boot.

    The Brandt 60cm 100% Combi Steam Pyrolytic Oven (Model: BOR7586G) is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Offering various cooking modes and with selfcleaning capabilities, it makes your cooking and cleaning tasks easier.


  17. A touch of the tropics at home

    A touch of the tropics at home

    This trio of home appliances will add character to your kitchen counter.

    The Mayer Paradise Collection is a range of three home appliances that combines modern designs, trendy colours and innovative features.


    Make healthier fried foods in this 3.5L Digital Glass Air Fryer (MMGAF350D), which cooks at temperatures of between 50 to 200 deg C. It has a 60-minute timer, a see-through borosilicate glass basket, a removable basket tray, an automatic cut-o switch and overheating protection.

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  18. Fan fare

    Fan fare

    These compact and energy-efficient ceiling fans are perfect for my home. 

    Ceiling fans are a staple in many Singapore homes. KDK fans are particularly loved for their durability, reliability

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  19. A private yet practical haven

    A private yet practical haven

    Actor Desmond Ng’s new home is infused with a style that resonates with his personality.

    Getai singer, television host and up-andcoming actor Desmond Ng is best known for his successes in the professional sphere, especially given his recent Best Actor Nomination at the Star Awards this year. However, beyond his public persona hides a composed, calm, and deeply introspective soul eager to recharge in a serene space that he can call Read more »

  20. Creating a living space

    Creating a living space

    Opt for furnishings that transform your home into a relaxing , living space.

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