1. 5 Reasons to Sign Up for Gain City's Group Buy

    5 Reasons to Sign Up for Gain City's Group Buy

    This service for new homeowners isn't just a convenient way to purchase home appliances, it also saves you money.

    Shopping for appliances for your new home is fun, but when you’re pressed for time and have to buy several products at once, it helps to have everything you’re looking for, under one roof. Gain City has taken its one-stop shopping experience to the next level with its Group Buy programme. With Group Buy, you not only have access to a variety of quality home appliances, you can purchase them at low prices, too. If you’re a new homeowner, here are five reasons to sign up for Gain City’s Group Buy service today.



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  2. Game on! Perfect Gaming Station Set Up

    Game on! Perfect Gaming Station Set Up

    Get started on your own gaming room. Here's what you need.

    So you’ve been clamouring to have a sanctuary of your own to set up your perfect gaming station. We’ve got some tips to help you fit out your space.

    Gaming Chair

    A comfortable gaming chair is a must. Since players spend long hours on it, a good quality chair is one with a backrest that provides good lumbar support for the back. Other comfort features include armrests and a foot rest.

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  3. Picture Perfect TV

    Picture Perfect TV


    If you don’t have much space to work with or don’t want to buy a projector, a large-screen TV is your most practical choice to getting the biggest images. For an excellent theatre-like effect, choose a TV with a 65-inch (or bigger) display panel and make sure it supports 4K resolution (whatever you’re watching will just look sharper and appear more detailed). Do also look out for a TV with HDR, or High Dynamic Range, which most of today’s TVs already have. HDR makes compatible content look richer in colour and more realistic, vastly improving the viewing experience. There are three HDR content standards, namely, Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG. Check out these TVs to help you build a home theatre system your family will love.


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  4. Beauty & Grooming Goals for 2023

    Beauty & Grooming Goals for 2023
    Looking your best is easy when you have a little help.

    Whether you want a buttery-smooth shave, super-clean skin or a salon-worthy blowout, these products get the job done.

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  5. Gift Guide - For the VVIPs in your life

    Gift Guide - For the VVIPs in your life
    Gifting Ideas: Show some love to your favourite people this season.

    The best buys for all your favourite people, including yourself, of course. Go on and splurge this coming new year!

    Home appliances and lifestyle products make great gifts, so treat your nearest and dearest to these items, which have a range of unique features and innovations to help make their lives easier.


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  6. Clear the air

    Clear the air

    Clear the air

    With the latest air conditioners from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, you can cool your home while MHI’s Allergen Clear Filter inactivates SARS-CoV-2 particles.


    Your air-conditioning system cools your home, but did you know that it can also filter out harmful allergens and viruses?

    The latest air-conditioners from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) feature the Allergen Clear Filter, designed to improve air quality. The filter captures a range of germs, allergens and viruses associated with serious health complications. This technology suppresses harmful particles, thanks to the use of an enzyme-urea compound.



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  7. Breathe easy with Acer

    Breathe easy with Acer

    Breathe easy with Acer

    Air circulators and purifiers protect your home.


    Acer’s 2-in-1 Smart Air Circulator and Purifier combines the best of both worlds, by integrating “Smart” and “Freshness” into the perfect technology for any home. The 2-in-1 Smart Air Circulator and Purifier comes with a HEPA Plus+ Filter that protects your home from 99.9% viruses and bacteria. It also fills the air with a high concentration of negative ions to eliminate pesky dust and PM1.0 particles.

    The 2-in-1 Smart Air Circulator and Purifier, when combined with the Acerpure Life app, give you helpful insight into your indoor air quality and offers you the ease of control over your air circulator’s functions even when you are not at home.


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  8. Bring the farm home

    Bring the farm home

    Bring the farm home

    Grow and harvest your own veggies and herbs at home with this eco-friendly indoor “farm”.

    TEXT Michelle Wong

    Singapore is heavily reliant on the world for its food needs. In fact, more than 90 per cent of our food is imported. But, what if something were to happen to our food supply? What the Covid pandemic has shown is that we can’t afford to take food security for granted.

    Singapore aims to meet 30 per cent of its nutritional needs through locally produced food by 2030, and the Indoor Smart Eco Farm, now retailed at Gain City, was created to help with this goal. Measuring 1.7m in height, 77cm in length and 44cm in width, this mini-

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  9. Because we love our furkids…

    Because we love our furkids…

    Because we love our furkids…

    Pets offer comfort and companionship, and they deserve the best in care too.

    TEXT Erina Noor


    Keep them safe

    Spending long hours at the office but worried about your pet? With the Pan/ Tilt Home Security Wi-Fi Camera from TP Link, you can care for your pet at any time of the day. This ultra-high definition security camera offers live view and even two-way audio. That way, you can hear your furbabies, and soothe them during thunderstorms if you’re not home.

    Pets eat healthy too!

    Store-bought pet food typically contains additives that could upset your furkids’ stomac

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  10. Bringing the outdoors in

    Bringing the outdoors in

    Bringing the outdoors in

    No garden? No problem. Feel like you’re out in nature with these tips.

    Spending time in nature is good for your emotional well-being and a great way to destress. If you can’t be outside, however, or if you don’t have a garden, try these easy decorating ideas to transform your living space into a peaceful, outdoor-like oasis.

    Fill your home with flowers and plants
    Turn your space into a green sanctuary with potted plants and fresh flowers. Studies show that when plants release their moisture into the air, it can help bring the temperature of the room down. So place them by windows and doors, in corners, and on tables and dressers. Plants like succulents, the snake plant, the Chinese money plant, orchids, monstera and ferns are low-maintenance and thrive indoors. Potted herbs on your kitchen counter are a

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