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  1. Bathroom design trends to try

    Bathroom design trends to try

    How to adapt the latest looks to make this space your own. 

    The bathroom is one of the most personal spaces in our

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  2. Breezy Style

    Breezy Style

    Elegant ceiling light fans that keep your home cool. 

    When you want the feeling of a cool breeze throughout your home, these Mistral ceiling fans do the job. The built-in LED lights also give your space varying degrees of brightness.


  3. Energy-saving Comfort

    Energy-saving Comfort

    Cool your home while reducing energy consumption. 

    High utility bills, an air-conditioning system that runs longer than usual, and inconsistent

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  4. Comfort food for your year-end celebrations

    Comfort food for your year-end celebrations

    Executive Chef Jeffrey Chua from Happy Cafe and Lucky Cuisine shares three recipes that are sure to impress your party guests!

    At Happy Cafe, chef Jeffrey Chua has curated and served a diverse range of thematic menus ranging from Thai to fusion cuisines. For your home festive celebrations this Christmas and Lunar New Year, he presents three different

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  5. Let heat flow

    Let heat flow

    A warm shower after a long day is an easily affordable luxury with the right water heater. All it takes is deciding what works best for your home.