Energy-saving Comfort

Cool your home while reducing energy consumption. 

High utility bills, an air-conditioning system that runs longer than usual, and inconsistent temperatures are just some of the signs that your air-con is wasting energy. These problems may be due to several factors, from clogged air filters to poor indoor air quality.

Fortunately, there are ways to help your air-con run more efficiently. 


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Increasing or decreasing the temperature, making sure your air-con is properly installed, maintaining the appliance regularly (cleaning or replacing the filters and checking for leaks and damage, for example), shading your windows, and optimising your furniture layout can all go a long way towards reducing energy waste.

You can also programme your air-con to use less energy by way of the controls and timers.


The airCloud Go is our next generation of IoT-centric apps that provides convenient climate control and lets you manage and monitor your air-con via your smartphone, thus lowering energy consumption. The energy cost estimator, which lets you track your energy usage history, is a smart management budget tool. With airCloud Go, you can activate Hitachi FrostWash® self-cleaning function remotely, which helps preserve indoor air quality  while you’re away.

Through these innovative features, the Hitachi residential air-con range aims to provide energy-efficient solutions that help reduce your household’s environmental impact while saving on energy costs.

*Both energy cost estimator and FrostWash® function only applicable in airCloud Go for multi-split model.