Breezy Style

Elegant ceiling light fans that keep your home cool. 

When you want the feeling of a cool breeze throughout your home, these Mistral ceiling fans do the job. The built-in LED lights also give your space varying degrees of brightness.


The Space 36 and Solar 36 models measure 36 inches across, while the Space 46 and Solar 46 models measure 46 inches across,making it easy to find a style that fits your home. Each model features three ABS fan blades.

You are also sure to find a colour that goes with your décor, with the Space 36 and Space 46 models available in Black, White/Wood, Grey/White, Grey/Black, and White, and the Solar 36 and Solar 46 models available in Black, Grey/Wood, Black/Wood, Grey/White, and White/Wood.


Using the remote control, you can rotate the fans clockwise for Cool Breeze or anticlockwise for Air Circulator. Breezy style Elegant ceiling light fans that keep your home cool.

Other useful features for all models include a DC Inverter Motor, LED light – Triple Colour with Dimmer to create the ideal ambience, five speed selections, and a timer (up to eight hours).

Powerful air volumes and RPMs create a cooling experience for all room sizes and occasions. Dial the power up to 300 RPM with the highest speed on hot, muggy days or lower its RPM on breezier days for increased air circulation. Experience a world of possibilities at the low energy cost of 64W. Each model comes with a range of RPMs and air volumes for a customised cooling experience. What’s more, enjoy two-year on-site warranty and 10-year motor warranty for all models!