Bathroom design trends to try

How to adapt the latest looks to make this space your own. 

The bathroom is one of the most personal spaces in our home, so it’s only natural that we’d want it to reflect our personality.

There are many different bathroom styles, from minimalist and wellness-centric to botanical-inspired and luxurious. But while trends in appliances, décor, fixtures and fittings are constantly changing, there is one thing most of us can agree on when it comes to designing the most-used room in our home – it must be where we can find privacy and solitude to refresh ourselves first thing in the morning and relax last thing at night.

With that in mind, we asked Ashton Chong, Manager at Ethan Interiors, for his top tips on how to embrace and personalise the latest bathroom design trends right now.

Add a touch of luxury
More people are choosing  to extend the length of their bathroom vanity tabletop because they like the look of it running from one side of the wall to the other and having that extra  space, Ashton says. Some homeowners are even installing double sinks to give their bathroom a more upscale, hotel-like feel.

Other ways to give your bathroom a luxurious look without going overboard include installing marble or onyx vanity tabletops, which Ashton describes as timeless; accents of gold or brass for the sink and shower tapware; and touches of leather, such as a tissue box or a hold-all tray, or for the knobs on the vanity cabinet doors.


Screen play
Not impressed by standard shower screens and bathroom doors?

“Fluted glass screens or doors are excellent options to allow more natural light to permeate both from the room to the bathroom and the bathroom back to the room,” Ashton points out.

“These draw attention visually as they reflect light from different angles and depths.”

Window of opportunity
If your bathroom windows are large, you may want to install blinds over them to elevate the room further. Ashton says that this is a growing trend, as more people choose to conceal the standard HDB bathroom window design.

Off the wall
Tiles or other forms of wall and floor covering materials are a good way to change the entire mood or theme of your bathroom.

To create a minimalist vibe, Ashton suggests using large white or plain tiles or even an entire sintered stone slab. This will also reduce the numberof visible grout lines in the bathroom. “Those with a flamboyant personality can try having a feature or patterned wall using colourful tiles, like mosaics, Peranakan tiles or mermaid tiles, for example,” he adds.

Dark matter
Dark, sombre colours can work really well in bathrooms, Ashton says. If you have ample lighting, a dark bathroom can look luxurious and modern. To add visual interest to the space without too much work, he recommends hanging a unique pendant lamp over the vanity.


Going green
A botanical-focusedbathroom can give you the feeling of being in a relaxing forest retreat. This look is easily achieved with a wood bathroom vanity, organic shapes, textured rugs, strategically placed pebbles or rocks, reed diffusers, and, of course, flowers and greenery.

Most faux plants these days look realistic, but if those aren’t your style and you prefer the real thing, choose money plants, monstera or white orchids, which Ashton says have a better chance of surviving the damp and humid bathroom environment. Bamboo and succulent plants are longlasting and easy to maintain, too.

Neutral gear
Ashton says that light, neutral colours like white, grey, sand and sage are popular for bathrooms right now because they are soothing. Light colours also make a small space look and feel bigger, so if your bathroom is small, it might help to go with a minimalist colour palette.

Visual treat
No space for a vanity? You can still give your bathroom a stylish, modern touch with the addition of a pedestal cylinder basin. Ashton says that full-height basins also create a unique visual point in the bathroom.