The heat is on

Enjoy uninterrupted hot showers and timeless designs that blend with any home aesthetic with Rheem’s range of electric storage water heaters.


The last thing you want when taking a shower is for the hot water to run out. Thankfully you don’t have to worry about that with the Xwell Classic Plus series of electric storage water heaters from Rheem.

Both the Xwell Slim Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heater (20L and 30L) and the Xwell Cube Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heater (15L and 30L) are sophisticated and modern. With their slim and cubic appearance, they are certainly a move away from traditional cylindrical water heaters.

The RheemHot+TM Di‰user feature extends hot showers by up to 45% compared to other leading brands. And the RheemFoamTM Insulation retains up to 16% more heat (compared to other leading brands) in the inner tank, so that water stored in the inner tank remains hot for longer.

Finally, the high quality Incoloy Element heats water morequickly, delivering your desired water temperature almost  instantaneously.



Both ranges also include RheemGlasTM Virtuous Enamel Glasslining coating on the inner tank, which protects against corrosion, increasing the durability and lifespan of the inner tank.

The RheemHD+TM Sacrificial Anode Rod also attracts sediment and other corrosive materials that may be present in the water, thus providing added protection against corrosion in the inner tank.

Other quality features include a Single Weld Line on the inner tank, reducing points of vulnerability and minimising water leakage by over 67%; a Pressure Relief Valve, which prevents excessive build-up of pressure within the water heating unitš and the RheemSafetyTM Cut-off, which prevents overheating orscalding during showers.