Setting the stage for comfort design

Fujitsu Air Conditioners' latest series, AIRSTAGE, features enhanced technology. 

AIRSTAGE is Fujitsu Air Conditioners’ improved series of air conditioners, allowing consumers to enjoy the most cooling power while consuming the least energy (weighted COP at 6.22kW for system 3). Rated top in the industry, AIRSTAGE o†ers a wide range of indoor types for residential premises – from wall-mounted units to cassette and ducted types to suit any home theme and design.


The exterior design harmonises beautifully with any decor and adds comfortable elegance to the room. The light, elegant and three dimensional expression achieved by the curved surface is beautiful from any angle. You will be spoilt by the choices, from Silver Gray and Pearl White wall types to casseted or ducted models which will fit into any decor.


The optional anti-virus Silver ION filter can e†ectively minimise the growth of viruses by up to 99%. Bacteria and fungus are trapped on the filter together with dust or droplets. The virus is tested based on JIS L1922 standard and virus type JIS R1706 (bacteriophage QB). Results show that the anti-virus material inside the filter inhibits the increase of viruses.


The air-conditioner can be controlled remotely through your smartphone, thus facilitating more convenience and optimal energy-saving. If you forgot to turn o† your air-conditioner after leaving the house or want to feel cool as soon as you arrive home, the optional Wi-Fi function makes this convenience possible.