Keep a cool head

This portable air-conditioner is a great mobile cooling solution. 

A portable air-conditioner is the answer when you need cold air but your central air-con isn’t available, traditional air-conditioning is insucient, installing an air-con unit is not structurally possible, if you only need to cool a small area, or you only need a temporary or mobile cooling alternative.

TCL portable air-cons are renowned for their reliability, high effciency, affordability, eco-friendliness and user-friendliness. Plus, they come in a variety of models to suit every room size.

TCL products are the result of a joint venture between TCL and Italian portable cooling pioneer De’Longhi. The TCL-De’Longhi manufacturing plant is among the largest in the world for air conditioners and dehumidifiers. De’Longhi, a high-end kitchen and appliances developer, is the maker of the world’s first portable air-conditioner, invented in the 1980s.


TCL portable air-conditioners utilise a patented and exclusive Titan Gold nanotechnology to bring you higher effciency and more cost-saving airconditioning.

The titanium gold condenser is anti-corrosive and hydrophilic. This hydrophilicity helps enhance the unit’s purifying and self-cleaning properties.

Other main benefits include faster evaporation, which translates to faster cooling and no water drainage issues, and longer durability, making it good
value for money.


TCL has the widest range of portable air-conditioners, from 10,000BTU to 20,000BTU, with 20,000BTU being the highest in the market.

They come with a five-year compressor warranty, 24-hour timer, easy window connection, durable casters, a direct-wash filter, remote control, smart touch panel, and more.