Bringing the outdoors in

Bringing the outdoors in

No garden? No problem. Feel like you’re out in nature with these tips.

Spending time in nature is good for your emotional well-being and a great way to destress. If you can’t be outside, however, or if you don’t have a garden, try these easy decorating ideas to transform your living space into a peaceful, outdoor-like oasis.

Fill your home with flowers and plants
Turn your space into a green sanctuary with potted plants and fresh flowers. Studies show that when plants release their moisture into the air, it can help bring the temperature of the room down. So place them by windows and doors, in corners, and on tables and dressers. Plants like succulents, the snake plant, the Chinese money plant, orchids, monstera and ferns are low-maintenance and thrive indoors. Potted herbs on your kitchen counter are also ideal, and if you have a bare wall, decorate it with hanging plants or even create a “green wall”.

Incorporate a water feature

If you’re soothed by the sounds of a flowing stream or falling rain, install a small water feature in your living room, bathroom or bedroom. A decorative tabletop water fountain, an indoor cascading waterfall and even an aquarium are some easy ways to channel the tranquillity.

Let the light in

Homes that receive plenty of natural light are brighter, and feel cheerier and more open. They may also appear bigger. Let more sunlight in by dressing your windows with lightweight sheer curtains or by hanging a mirror opposite a window to reflect the light coming in. Another idea is to use a light colour palette for your walls. Soft shades like cream, pale grey and pastel blue help reflect the natural light entering the room. Swopping your dark wood furniture for pale wood pieces may also help.

Add natural elements

Introduce items made from organic and natural materials, like jute rugs, rattan chairs, earthy clay tiles, wicker pendant lamps, stone ornaments, seashells and woven grass baskets. Besides being eco-friendly and more long-lasting than their manmade counterparts, these items bring the emotionally healing properties of nature into your home. For extra gardenlike vibes, burn woodsy incense sticks or use an aroma diffuser with a fresh, natureinspired scent like rainforest or eucalyptus.

Try botanical design elements

Bold floral and botanical designs are a huge trend in 2022, so jump on the bandwagon with leaf-patterned or floral-embossed wallpaper, framed botanical prints, and floral-printed cushions and curtains.