Never lock yourself out again

Never lock yourself out again.
Say goodbye to fumbling for keys, replacing locksets and the frustration of being locked out of your home or office. These digital locks will give you peace of mind and make your life easier.

Futuristic focus
Samsung Push Pull Digital Lock SHP-DP728-Gold W

If you like keeping abreast of the latest tech trends, this model is perfect for you. The world’s first push-pull door lock, it comes with advanced unlock authentication methods, like Bluetooth, Fingerprint, RFID card and Passcode, to unlock your door. Use your SHome mobile app to unlock your door and get real-time push notifications when people go in and out of your property. Other smart functions include a user-friendly instruction display, instant silent mode for quiet entry and exit, and automatic wakeup when the IR Sensor detects motion. This model has a two-year local warranty and lifetime technical support.

Leave your worries behind
Samsung Deadbolt Digital Lock SHP-DS510

You don’t have to worry about whether you locked your door behind you because this model has an auto-locking feature that does it for you. Plus, if the batteries run out before you have the time to replace them, you can use the emergency key to open the door from the outside. Concerned about onlookers guessing your PIN code? The Random Security Code feature throws off onlookers and spreads your fingerprint marks, so your door lock is extra secure.

Practical and flexible
igloohome Digital Lock igloohome Mortise

Unlock your door with various modes of entry – a PIN code, key card or Bluetooth key on your smartphone – for ease and flexibility of access. Using the igloohome mobile app, you can create PIN codes or Bluetooth keys and select how long you’d like them to be valid for, and even send them to visitors from the app. You can also track the dates and times at which people enter and leave your home. With this lock, you don’t need the internet either, as it uses encryption and synchronisation. This means you’re less vulnerable to Wi-Fi hacking. This model uses four AA batteries.

Simple but innovative

Igloohome Smart Lock Deadbolt 2S Metal Grey

While minimalist in looks, this lock packs a host of substantive features. Use PIN codes and Bluetooth keys to unlock the deadbolt (you can even customise them to be time-sensitive in case you have guests staying in your home). It also comes with physical backup keys so you’ll never lock yourself out. The deadbolt does not need an Internet connection to work, thus increasing its reliability and security against Wi-Fi hacking. This model has a sleek, universal design that suits most modern homes; the front panel is 11mm thick and sits above your door knob or handle.