SHARING spaces

Mindful planning for real life

Creating a space that’s equal parts functional and eye-catching begins with precise planning. Start by asking questions to help figure out how to get the most out of that particular room. Consider who will be using the area the most, if extra storage space is needed, or whether to cater for multiple purposes like a study or living area. The idea here is to be thoughtful about how people will use and move through these spaces and plan around each lifestyle.

Focus on single-purpose rooms

Every inch matters in small spaces, as does making them multifunctional. Think about creating zones that serve many, such as one that functions as a home office, study nook and even dining area. And opt for furniture and cabinetry with multipurpose functions. Even better if these designs can be hidden away until required – for example, a dining table with hidden storage for power sockets and USB ports.


Invest in quality and durability

Furniture in shared spaces is heavily used, which is why going for well-made pieces that cost more, but look better and last longer, pays off. Where possible, pick furniture and items with the potential to grow and change your lifestyle. The King Koil Sofabed with Storage KLM813 is the perfect piece for rooms that need extra seating – and easily converts into an extra bed for fun sleepovers.


Skive off cleaning

The reality is, smaller spaces require more upkeep as they tend to feel dirtier and messier quicker. Besides setting up a daily cleaning plan that everyone in the house contributes to, consider investing in smart home gadgets that do the heavy lifting for you. At only 97mm high, the Samsung Robotic Vacuum packs a punch. For starters, its sleek design is 28 per cent slimmer than conventional robot vacuums – but it produces 40 times more suction power, making it as powerful as a stick vacuum. It also features a Visionary Mapping™ system and FullView Sensor™ 2.0 function to scan and create the most optimal and efficient cleaning route, so it never gets stuck. Other user-friendly perks include remote Wi-Fi control via the Samsung SmartThings app and a Voice Guide for quicker updates on its status, scheduling and cleaning modes.


Create personal areas

Sharing space in small dwellings can cramp your style fast. We’re spending more time indoors than ever, so carving out personal spaces for each household member to catch moments of much-needed peace and relaxation will go a long way towards avoiding conflict. Have an awkward corner in your home? Turn it into a cosy reading nook where anyone can settle in and unwind with a good book. Or, consider using visual barriers like bigger plants or even a screen to provide the illusion of privacy in common areas.

Use colours strategically

It’s no secret that light colours make a room look larger, as does natural lighting. Incorporating too much colour can make small spaces feel busier, so opt for a light, monochromatic palette. Paint-wise, try off-white shades like eggshell or dove hues for a warmer, more relaxed feel. Plus, sticking with gender-neutral colours help create more balanced and inviting places for all. Take your paint job to the next level with Gain City’s professional painting services. These experts use premium Nippon paint for better, more lasting results.

Go too large-scale

Our quest for more space and storage can often lead to unnecessary additions like too many open shelves or bulky storage containers that contribute to visual clutter. It may be challenging, especially for families with young kids, but paring down what you own and catering only for those items will go a long way in elevating a sense of spaciousness.


Consider a semi-open floor plan

Get the best of both worlds with a semiopen floor plan that allows for better light and traffic flow while maintaining some pockets of privacy around the house. Homeowners who wish to create distinct zones in communal areas without extensive renovations can use larger pieces of furniture like a sofa or bookshelves to divide the room without cluttering it up.


Opt for double-duty appliances and tools

Double-duty furniture and appliances offer more bang for your buck while saving precious space. This concept is most applicable in the kitchen, as home cooks can whip up a wide variety of meals with the proper multi-use gadgets. Tefal’s Versalio Deluxe 9-in-1 Multi-Cooker FR4950 is perfect for those struggling with countertop space or lack thereof. Merging the functionality of several appliances – including a rice cooker, fryer and salt  pan – Versalio Deluxe adds versatility to your cooking routine. Set the fryer’s temperature from 80 to 180 degrees Celsius, and choose from nine different modes to defrost, simmer, fry, braise, saute, deep-fry, boil pasta or cook rice. Clean-up is fuss-free, too – the lid, non-stick bowl and frying basket are all dishwasher-friendly.