3 Inspiring K-POP Celebrity Homes

Take a leaf from the homes of these Korean pop superstars the next time you’re redecorating.

Looking for inspiration to tackle the challenge of decorating your home? Look no further than these K-pop celebrity homes. Their stunning cribs are not only functional, they also reflect each celeb’s individualism and creativity

BigBang’s G-Dragon

Much like his personality, G-Dragon’s penthouse is flamboyantly colourful from head to toe. Unique art pieces give the penthouse its lively character and can be found in every corner. Even its curtains are emblazoned with minimalistic line art.

We love his innovative design aesthetic: Cue the lighted mirror in his bedroom, or the hanging plants shading his dining room from unnecessary sunlight.

Pet owners can also take some tips from G-Dragon’s home: In a nice, shady spot of his penthouse lies his cat’s bed, where his cat is free to do anything it pleases, as long as it does not dirty the floor. Overall, his home is an eccentric mix of fashion and style, and while it may not be for everybody, it’s a timely reminder that we should be comfortable with ourselves and choose an interior design that suits our personality.

Mamamoo’s Hwasa

Hwasa’s abode gives her an incredible view of the busy Korean streets as she enjoys a cup of coffee on her balcony. Hers is a chic and cosy home, with a modern interior that is set off by the fluffy comforters found all over her house, from her thick bed to comfy sofa and cushions.

Her modern kitchen features a dark granite counter top that transitions into a table, a suitable match for those who prioritise both functionality and aesthetics when it comes to interior design.

A fun, finishing touch to her apartment’s look is the white arcade machine that resides in the kitchen. While not everybody’s cup of tea, Hwasa’s apartment does give us insight into how you can incorporate creativity into real life.

Blackpink’s Jennie

Though well-known for being fiercely private about her personal life, Blackpink’s Jennie has posted photos on Instagram that show us her swanky crib. In fact, her cover of When Will My Life Begin on her YouTube channel gave us glimpses into what her house looks like.

Jennie’s minimalistic home is a reminder that in spite of her stardom, she lives life like us. From her YouTube video, her comfortable bed can be seen, fluffy white sheets covering the bed frame – her bedroom free of clutter.

Pastel and plain colours appear to be the common theme running throughout her home.

Jennie seems to be a fan of keeping fit, creating her own mini exercise corner. Green plants add a finishing touch to the porcelain white walls, giving her home a light and airy feel.