Feng Shui

2022 Fengshui Tips For Homeowners

Those looking to scale up their business get promoted or change jobs should pay extra attention to their main door and study. If your main door or study lies in the southeast or east sector, benefactor stars could give your business and career an extra boost, especially if you are born in the year of the Snake or Rabbit. Your main door and study should be kept bright and airy so as to ensure opportunities can reach you unhindered.

Our living room is usually where the main energy of our home circulates and plays an important role in the harmony and wealth of our household. If your living room lies in the south or the northwest of your home, then your wealth index is strong in the year 2022, especially for those under the Rooster, Pig or Horse zodiac year. Keep your living room tidy and welcoming. If you feel restless and agitated, check the sector your living room sits in.

Health and good relationships should be the number one priority in every household. The rooms that govern these aspects are the bedroom and kitchen. If your bedroom or kitchen sits in the southwest, watch out for illnesses or injuries this year, especially if you are born in the year of the Ox or Goat. If your bedroom or living room is in the east or west, your relationship luck bodes well and you will be able to build strong relationships and strengthen existing ones too.

Commonsense Fengshui

1 Avoid having the stove and the refrigerator in direct line of sight when opening the main door. Otherwise, it might lead to an erosion of wealth or difficulty in accumulating wealth as outsiders ‘steal’ your bounty. If the fridge ends up facing the stove due to space constraints or other reasons, you can resolve it by placing auspicious ornaments like fossil wood or coloured glaze on top of the fridge.

2 Position the headboard of your bed against a solid wall. This will allow you to have a good night’s sleep.

3 No mirrors should face the bed as it can diminish your “qi” while you sleep.

4 Clocks should not be placed over door frames or on the outside.

5 Plants, flowers, paintings, photos and electrical appliances should not be placed around the wealth corner.

6 Avoid having paintings of ferocious animals such as tigers and lions around the house.