A home inspired by a mother's love

Star Awards fave Jayley Woo’s 4-room HDB unit is a beautiful ode to her journey of selfdiscovery and motherhood.

Nothing in Jayley Woo’s quaint haven is left to chance. Everything that is presented, whether it is the lovely family portrait that sits quietly at the edge of her television stand, or the cuddly, stuffed toys that rest on her majestic couch, are deliberate choices.

It's almost like an open canvas filled with meticulous yet subtle details that coalesce to form a fully-fledged masterpiece. Not to mention the hints of organic elegance from her wooden furnishings to accentuate the ambience Jayley has carefully crafted for her family and herself.

Beneath her keen attention to detail lies a profound love for her one-year-old daughter, Jan. Upon entering her home, you’re immediately greeted by a set of cushions on her sofa spelling out the word “LOVE”. Surrounding her living space are easy-to-miss artefacts of her most significant moments as a new mother, including Jan’s hand-and-foot prints captured and cemented on a frame when was born.

Her home isn’t just a conventional contemporary space. It is meant to be a narrative detailing Jayley’s own life journey, a realm where her past, present, and future can converge for her to finally feel grounded, to feel at peace.

We sat with the gregarious actress, influencer and mother to find out how her home ties in with motherhood and family.


What has it been like as a new mother?
Honestly, I came into it without expecting much. It’s a surreal experience for sure, but it’s kind of one of those dilemmas when you don’t know what you don’t know. And I had done all the research to prepare myself, only to end up in unpredictable situations! If I’ve to describe it, motherhood really is akin to being thrown into a wide ocean. There isn’t any lifebuoy or raft to grab onto. You’re left to swim on your own.

It gets easier, though. Time flies incredibly quickly and, soon, I realise that the whole experience isn’t so scary after all. Days would become months in the blink of an eye, and every passing month is a reminder that I’m getting the hang of it! Right now, I would think I have finally caught on to a raft and am on my way to shore. Sure, there are bad days, but everyone has those.

What do you love most about Jan?
Everything! I believe that a child picks their mother based on her merits and affinity, and I am so grateful that Jan picked me to be her guardian. To me, she’s perfect.  

What do you love most about being a mum?
I cannot overstate how blessed I am to have Jan. It may sound clichéd, but the connection between a child and a mother is just so boundless and timeless. And it isn’t just a one-sided exchange. I have found a whole side of me that I have neglected for a long time. Through this journey, I have learnt to be compassionate, empathetic, and patient. It’s almost like a literal and metaphorical rebirth, where I moved up to another phase of life with a better version of myself! Motherhood is like a journey of self-discovery, a continuing desire to be the best person for my daughter.


Having become a mother yourself, what are some life lessons from your own mother that you have grown to understand and appreciate?
Her guidance, support, and unconditional love. It’s eye-opening how far parents are willing to go for their kids. They may not say it, but I learnt that love isn’t always something that is vocalised. It can be wordless, but enduringly affirmative acts of care

How has motherhood influenced your professional pursuits?
I’m deeply career-minded, so as you would expect, it wasn’t easy to take a step back from something I love doing. The itch to return to acting is always there. But acting requires commitment, and I want to be there for my daughter during her formative years. As of right now, content creation is really where I’m at. 


What were some main themes that you wanted your home to embody?
I didn’t really have a core theme in mind, except that the home should be cosy and liberating. As a content creator, work for me is everywhere. So, I need a space that is comfortable for me to stay grounded, to focus, to be fully me. Chaos should be the antithesis of my home’s characterisation. I like to describe it as a 避风港 (bì fēng gǎng, translates to “a safe harbour”). But we also wanted something organic, something authentic. That’s why some of our furniture is made from resin wood, for that oaky and authentic ruggedness.

What inspired this colour palette, pairing cream white with charcoal black and caramel brown?
Our resin wood furniture gives our home that rich, earthy accent. Cream white contrasts really nicely with the chestnut brownish hues from the more organic furniture.

How do you keep your place so uncluttered?
Our interior designer suggested that we revamp the layout’s space so that our home’s various spaces are intertwined. That meant breaking down walls and reconstructing them so that the common spaces can breathe. We also experimented with glass partitions for our office space so that it doesn’t feel so distant from our living spaces. 


Does the design of your apartment allow for ample storage space?
As a content creator, I do need a lot of storage space, but I didn’t want it to conflict with my home’s aesthetics. We opted for wood brown fluted wall panels to not only complement our home’s colour tone, but also act as storage doors that open up. In fact, even the entrance to our household shelter is hidden behind one of the

Which household appliance did you give most thought to?
I cannot overstate how important it is for every household to have a sturdy and high-powered fridge. A good fridge is able to contain the odours that typically emanate from raw produce. Because our living space and kitchen area are linked, any odour will easily permeate the entire house if left unchecked. That’s where an efficient fridge comes in – you don’t want your entire home smelling of raw meat!