Let Fengshui Be A Part Of Your New Home

Living with fengshui

Geomancy Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong practises what he preaches, as evidencedin his new home.

Those looking to buy a new house or renovate their current abode may want to consider cultivating some good fengshui. Understanding how to apply the principles can be a daunting task for firsttimers though, so we speak to Singapore’s very own fengshui Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong, Chief Geomancer of Way Fengshui Group, who recently moved into his new home, to get some advice.

What is the design concept for your new house?

Tan: My wife wanted this house to be where we spend our old age, so our main concern was the ease of convenience for our living. Naturally, my wife’s needs take precedence over everything else, so she has the first say in the design. My needs come in second and finally, our daily needs.

Please introduce the layout of the house.

Tan: Art plays a very important part in my life, so I created an art gallery for my paintings on the first floor, right by the entrance of the house. We set up a mini cafe by the entryway, where my family and friends can hang out. Our office space, split into his and her sides, sits just past the entrance. Beyond that, you will find the living room, the kitchen, the dining area and a guest room. Our sleeping quarters are on the second floor. The top floor contains a couple of guest rooms and is mostly unused except for when our children and grandchildren or other guests visit.

Any fengshui elements in the new house?

Tan: Every year, the Flying Stars and Influential Stars will rotate and determine the luck cycles of different households. A visiting star would dominate over others. The inherent traits of this particular star epitomise events and happenings for the year, which will, in turn, affect our home and household members in areas such as health, wealth, relationships, career, academics, happiness and so forth.

This year, homes facing east and west have the best luck and can expect excellent fortune and fame with the gathering of lucky stars. On the other hand, those facing south and north will be down on their luck, and big scaled events and renovations shouldbe avoided.

Originally, the main door of the house was facing north/south. Hence, the first thing I did was to build an extension to house my art works, and at the same time, change the direction of the main door to east/west facing.

I placed an elephant sculpture at the entrance because the elephant symbolises harmony. And as the neighbouring house is quite close to us, the shiny sculpture can also help to deflect negative energies.

I also specially did a new painting, which depicts a lion playing by a waterfall, to adhere to the fengshui of the house.

Any fengshui strategies for those looking to get a new home?

Tan: It is best to get a professional fengshui master to advise you before purchasing a new house as they will be able to recommend a suitable house to buy, based on the yearly luck cycle of household members, the house’s orientation and layout. The three key positions to look out for are the positioning of the main door, kitchen and master bedroom. A fengshui master will be able to identify conflicting negative energies such as sharp objects or incoming traffic that leads straight to your main entrance and advise remedies to improve the situation. He can also provide strategies to attract and garner more positive “qi”.

What about those who already own a house?

Tan: If you want to achieve optimal balance based on the current house, you can make adjustments accordingly. For example, if you cannot change the direction of the main door, you can change the position of the windows instead. If both the entrance and windows cannot be changed, then we can make adjustments to the foyer by adding a folding screen or ornaments.

Placement of items in the wrong sector can upset the harmony of the family. The presence of electrical appliances like TV, Wi-Fi router and air-conditioner affects the magnetic energy fields of the surroundings. The TV should be placed in auspicious areas as the last thing you want to do is to amplify your bad luck. Many people like to place the Wi-Fi router in the centre of the house to ensure even coverage of the Wi-Fi signal, but the best position is actually in a corner.

Any other advice?

Tan: Fengshui is about common sense and logic. If you feel that something is inconvenient or defies logic, then it is probably not right. After all, living needs should be our first consideration.

TEXT Hong Weixi