Refrigerators: Gain City's Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Fridge


Refrigerators are vital in every home. It helps keep perishable food items fresh for a longer time. Refrigerator maintains a cool temperature that prevents bacteria growth and preserves nutrients. Picking a fridge can be challenging. It is due to size, capacity, energy efficiency, and features. Gain City's expertise can simplify the process of choosing a fridge. 

Gain City is a trusted provider of home appliances, electronics, and air conditioning systems. They offer an extensive selection of fridges from top brands giving you plenty of choices.


In this blog, we'll delve deeper into the significance of fridges in daily life. This blog will also highlight Gain City's expertise in helping you select the right one for your home. Additionally, we'll provide some maintenance tips for maximizing energy efficiency.


Types of Refrigerators


Gain City offers a wide range of refrigerators with unique features and benefits. 

Here's a breakdown of the refrigerators available:

A. Top Freezer Refrigerator

This is the most common type of refrigerator, with the freezer compartment at the top and the refrigeration compartment at the bottom. These refrigerators are the most affordable and energy-efficient option.

The Panasonic 2-Door Fridge NR-BA229PKSG is a stylish refrigerator perfect for modern homes. This refrigerator will transform your kitchen into a haven for fresh and delicious food.

The Toshiba 2-Door Fridge GR-AG58SA (GG) is a top-of-the-line refrigerator. It has an ample storage space for all your food and beverage needs. With a sleek and modern design, this fridge will complement any kitchen decor. a sleek and modern design, this fridge will complement any kitchen decor.

The BEKO RDNT371E50VZGB 2-Door Fridge is a sleek appliance. It elevates your kitchen experience. This refrigerator has a 372-liter capacity. It provides ample storage for fresh produce, beverages, and more. 

B. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

These refrigerators have the freezer compartment at the bottom. Then the refrigeration compartment at the top. The main advantage of this design is that the refrigerator section is at eye level. That makes it easier to access items without bending down. The freezer is more prominent than the top freezer design. It is easier to organize, but it may need more bending to access things.

The Samsung Bespoke 2 Door Bundle F-33T318GG3KGG allows you to create a unique look that complements your kitchen decor. It has a variety of panel options and colors. 

The Samsung Bespoke 2-Door Bundle F-33T341GG41GG is a  customizable bottom freezer refrigerator.  It blends with your kitchen's decor and cater to your lifestyle. This refrigerator is a perfect fit for modern homes with its modular design. 

The Fisher & Paykel RF402BRXFDU5 2-Door Fridge is a stylish and high-performing appliance redefining your kitchen experience. 

C. French Door Refrigerator

This refrigerator has two side-by-side doors for the refrigeration compartment, with a freezer compartment at the bottom. French door refrigerators have wider shelves and more storage space than other types, making them popular for larger families. Yet, they can be more expensive and may only fit in some kitchens due to their wider size.

Introducing the Fisher & Paykel 3-Door Fridge RF610ADX5, a sophisticated and innovative refrigerator designed to cater to your family's needs. With its sleek, stainless steel finish and modern design, this appliance is perfect for contemporary kitchens, offering ample storage and advanced features for a seamless food preservation experience.

The Fisher & Paykel RF610ADUSB6 3-Door Fridge enhances your kitchen experience. It has a spacious capacity and innovative features. This refrigerator provides an ideal storage solution for all your fresh groceries, beverages, and meal prep essentials.

The Fisher & Paykel RF523GDUX1 3-Door Fridge is a high-performance appliance that elevates your kitchen experience. This refrigerator offers an ideal storage solution for fresh groceries, beverages, and meal prep essentials.


D. Side-by-Side Refrigerator

This type of refrigerator has two side-by-side doors, with the freezer compartment on one side and the refrigeration compartment on the other. Side-by-side refrigerators have more vertical storage space and can fit in narrower kitchens than French door models. Yet, the little shelves may need to be able to accommodate more oversized items, and the freezer may be smaller than other types.

Introducing the LG Side by Side Fridge GS-B6473MC, a cutting-edge and stylish refrigerator designed to meet the needs of modern households. With its sleek stainless steel finish, spacious interior, and advanced features, this refrigerator is perfect for those seeking elegance and practicality in their kitchen appliances.

The LG GS-J5982MS Side by Side Fridge is a sophisticated appliance that brings cutting-edge technology to your kitchen. This refrigerator offers the perfect storage solution for all your fresh groceries.

The Sharp SJSS52EG-BK Side by Side Fridge has an advanced inverter technology. It ensures energy-efficient performance by  controlling the compressor speed based on your usage patterns. It maintains optimal temperature and humidity levels inside the fridge.

Comparison of the pros and cons of each type:

A. Top Freezer 

Pros: Affordable and energy-efficient; easy access to used items 

Cons: Smaller freezer compartment; less convenient access to frozen items

B. Bottom Freezer 

Pros: Refrigeration compartment at eye level; larger freezer compartment

Cons: More bending to access the freezer compartment

C. French Door 

Pros: Wide shelves; more storage space; ideal for larger families or frequent entertainers 

Cons: More expensive; may not fit in all kitchens

D. Side-by-Side 

Pros: More vertical storage space; works in narrower kitchens 

Cons: Narrow shelves may not accommodate more oversized items; smaller freezer compartment

The best type of refrigerator for you will depend on your needs and preferences. 

Smart Features

Modern refrigerators come equipped with a wide range of smart features that enhance the user experience and make managing food storage and consumption easier. Here are some of the most popular smart features available in modern refrigerators:

1. Built-in Cameras

Some refrigerators have built-in cameras that allow you to check the contents of your fridge remotely using your smartphone. Built-in Cameras can be helpful when you're at the grocery store and can't remember if you need to buy certain items.

2. Touchscreens

Many modern refrigerators have touch screens built into the door, which can access recipes, check the weather, stream music or videos, or leave notes for family members. Some touch screens even have voice control capabilities, making it even easier to access information.

The Samsung Family Hub RF6 5A9771SG/SS has a large touchscreen display. The screen serves as a centralized hub for innovative home management. You can stream music, share calendars, and display photos. You can even order groceries, all from the convenience of your fridge.

3. Wi-Fi Connectivity

Many refrigerators now have Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to control certain functions, such as temperature settings or ice production, using your smartphone or voice commands. Some models integrate with smart home systems, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

The Samsung Family Hub RS64T5F04B4/SS refrigerator comes equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity. This feature lets you connect the fridge to your home network and access smart features, including the Family Hub™ touchscreen display. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can stream music, share calendars, display photos, order groceries, and even control compatible smart home devices, all from the convenience of your fridge.

4. Active Smart Technology

ActiveSmart technology is an innovative feature in refrigerators that adapts to your usage patterns to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels. This advanced system helps preserve the freshness and quality of your food while reducing energy consumption.

The Fisher & Paykel RF402BLXFD5 2 Door Fridge is a sophisticated, high-performance addition to your modern kitchen.

These smart features can enhance the user experience in several ways. For example:

Built-in cameras and Wi-Fi connectivity can help you track what's in your fridge and make planning meals and grocery shopping easier. Touchscreens and voice control capabilities make accessing information, entertainment, and recipes easier while you're cooking or cleaning.

ActiveSmart technology ensures your refrigerator operates efficiently, providing an ideal storage climate for your food while minimizing energy usage. This innovative feature helps you save on your energy bills and contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Overall, smart features can make refrigerators more than just a place to store food - they can become a hub for information, entertainment, and even home automation. If you're interested in upgrading your refrigerator, consider the range of smart features available to find the one that best meets your needs.

Energy Efficiency

Gain City understands the importance of energy efficiency when choosing a refrigerator. They use the Energy Labeling Scheme (ELS) to measure the energy efficiency of the refrigerators. The ELS rates appliances on a scale of one to five ticks, with five ticks being the most energy-efficient.

Choosing an energy-efficient refrigerator from Gain City can offer a range of benefits, including:

1. Lower Energy Bills

Energy-efficient refrigerators use less electricity to maintain their temperature, which can translate to lower monthly energy bills.

2. Environmental Benefits

Energy-efficient refrigerators help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower your carbon footprint, which is better for the environment.

3. Longer Lifespan

Energy-efficient refrigerators have better build quality and are designed to last longer than less efficient models. That means you can save money in the long run.

Tips for maximizing energy efficiency in your daily use of your refrigerator:


1. Keep the Temperature Settings Optimized

Set your refrigerator temperature to between 3°C and five °C and your freezer temperature to between -18°C and -20°C. This range ensures that your food stays fresh without wasting energy.

2. Keep the Door Closed

Avoid leaving the Door open for too long, as this allows cold air to escape and causes your refrigerator to work harder to maintain the temperature.

3. Don't Overfill or Underfill Your Refrigerator

Keep your refrigerator well-stocked, but keep it to the point where there's no room for air to circulate. Don't underfill it, as this can cause cold air to escape.

4. Regularly Defrost Your Freezer

A buildup of ice can cause your freezer to work harder and use more energy. Defrost your freezer regularly to keep it running.

5. Clean the Coils

The coils behind your refrigerator can collect dust and dirt, which can reduce energy efficiency. Clean them regularly to keep your refrigerator running smoothly.

Gain City offers a wide range of energy-efficient refrigerators from famous brands such as Samsung, LG, and Panasonic. Gain City's team of experts can help you find the best refrigerator for your needs and provide tips for maximizing energy efficiency.

For more information on energy-efficient refrigerators, click here.


Choosing the suitable capacity for your refrigerator is vital to ensure you have enough space to store all your food and beverages without wasting energy or money. Here's how to determine the suitable capacity for your household's needs when purchasing a refrigerator from Gain City:

1. Consider the Size of Your Family

The more extensive your family is, the more storage space you'll need in your refrigerator. Consider how much food and beverages you consume in a week and choose a capacity to accommodate that.


2. Think About Your Eating Habits

Do you prefer fresh food or consume a lot of frozen or pre-packaged items? This can affect the storage space in your refrigerator and freezer compartments.


3. Consider the Space in Your Kitchen

Make sure to measure the space where you plan to put your refrigerator to ensure it will fit comfortably. You should also consider the size and placement of your other appliances to ensure that your refrigerator won't block access or interfere with other items.

At Gain City, they offer a range of capacity options to fit your household's needs. 

Here's a comparison of the benefits and drawbacks of different capacity options available at Gain City:

  • Small Capacity (Less than 300 Liters)

Small-capacity refrigerators are perfect for single-person households or small families with limited space. They are also more energy-efficient and affordable. Yet, they may need more room for oversized items, such as large pizza boxes or turkeys.

The Electrolux Mini Bar Fridge EUM0930BD is a compact and stylish refrigerator designed for those seeking convenience and efficiency in a smaller package. With its sleek black design and versatile features, this mini fridge is perfect for dorm rooms, offices, home bars, or any space without a full-size refrigerator. The Electrolux EUM0930BD offers a modest 85-liter capacity, providing sufficient storage space for snacks, beverages, and small meal items. This mini bar fridge is ideal for individuals or small families who need additional refrigeration in limited areas.

  • Medium Capacity (Between 300 and 500 Liters)

Medium-capacity refrigerators are suitable for small to medium-sized families who need more storage space. They have enough room for more oversized items and can accommodate various food and beverages. Yet, they may be more expensive and take up more space in your kitchen.

The Miele 1 Door Fridge KS28463 is a premium, high-quality refrigerator with exceptional performance and sleek design. This sophisticated appliance is perfect for those who seek a reliable and stylish refrigerator to complement their modern kitchen. The Miele KS28463 offers a spacious 366-liter capacity, providing ample room for groceries, fresh produce, and meal-prep items. This single-door refrigerator is ideal for smaller households or as a supplementary fridge in larger homes.

  • Large Capacity (More than 500 Liters)

Large-capacity refrigerators are ideal for large families. They offer ample space for all food and beverages and may include additional features, such as multiple compartments or built-in water and ice dispensers. Yet, they are the most expensive option and may not fit in smaller kitchens.

The De Dietrich Side by Side Fridge DKA861X is an elegant, high-performance refrigerator that combines advanced technology with a sleek, modern design. This luxurious appliance is perfect for those who value style and functionality in their kitchen. The De Dietrich DKA861X boasts a generous 555-liter capacity, providing ample storage space for groceries, beverages, and meal-prep items.

The suitable capacity for your household's needs will depend on your precise necessities and preferences. At Gain City, their team of experts can help you choose the perfect refrigerator to fit your needs and budget.


Buying Guide

Choosing the best refrigerator for your needs can be a daunting job, but with the help of Gain City, it can be a breeze. 

Here's a step-by-step guide to choosing the best refrigerator in Singapore from Gain City:

1. Determine Your Budget

The first step in choosing a refrigerator is determining your budget. Gain City offers a wide range of refrigerators at different price points to fit your needs and budget.


2. Consider Your Space Requirements

Measure the area where you plan to put your refrigerator to ensure it fits comfortably. Consider the size and placement of your other appliances to ensure your refrigerator won't block access or interfere with other items.


3. Choose the Type of Refrigerator

Decide on the type of refrigerator that best suits your needs. Top freezer, bottom freezer, French door, and side-by-side are the most popular options available at Gain City.

4. Determine the Capacity

Consider your family's size and eating habits to determine the capacity best suits your needs.

5. Look for Energy Efficiency

Consider the energy efficiency rating of the refrigerator to save money on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

6. Look for Smart Features

Consider the smart features available in the refrigerator, such as built-in cameras, touchscreens, and Wi-Fi connectivity, to enhance the user experience.

7. Compare Prices and Features

Compare the prices and features of different refrigerators to find the best refrigerator that fits your needs and budget.

Gain City provides various services to make buying more accessible and convenient for our customers. 

These services include:

1. Delivery and Installation

It's great to know that Gain City offers delivery service for bulkier items, such as refrigerators, with a fee of S$30. The delivery team will deliver the item on your preferred date and time. Still, if you're unavailable and need to reschedule, cancellation must be made at least 24 hours before the said date and time of delivery. If cancellation is made after the delivery team has been activated, a separate delivery charge of S$30 will be imposed, but this fee can be waived if the goods ordered exceed S$1,500.

If you cannot receive the item in person, you may authorize a Singaporean above the age of 18 to receive the item on your behalf. It's also important to note that Gain City only offers delivery in Singapore if special arrangements have been confirmed and agreed to.

Gain City's delivery team is happy to assist with unpacking and placing your new appliances where requested, as long as it's accessible. They can connect basic appliances to electrical outlets or existing water sources and install manufacturer-supplied safety hardware, such as anti-tip brackets.

It's important to note that delivery to the first storey is free, but there will be an additional charge of S$30 for each subsequent non-lift-accessible storey. For example, delivery of an appliance to a non-lift accessible 3rd story (such as level 3 of a semi-detached house) will cost S$60.

2. Trade-in Options

Gain City offers trade-in options for old appliances to help counterbalance the cost of a new one.

3. Flexible Payment Options

Gain City offers flexible payment options to make purchasing a new refrigerator more affordable.

4. Knowledgeable Experts

Gain City has a team of experts who can help you choose the best refrigerator for your needs and provide tips and advice on maintaining your appliance.

To use Gain City's delivery service and buy a new refrigerator, visit their website or showroom and speak with their experts!


To sum up, fridges are vital in every home, keeping food fresh for longer. Gain City, a top electronics store in Singapore, has a variety of fridges from brands like Samsung, LG, and Panasonic. We've talked about fridge types, smart features, energy efficiency, and capacity and given a guide to select the best fridge for you. We also mentioned Gain City's services to make purchasing more accessible and convenient. If you need a new fridge, visit Gain City's website or showroom to see our options and talk to experts. They'll gladly help you find a suitable fridge for your needs and budget. Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you at Gain City soon!