The oven that cleans itself

This traditional oven steams and grills and is pyrolytic to boot.

The Brandt 60cm 100% Combi Steam Pyrolytic Oven (Model: BOR7586G) is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Offering various cooking modes and with selfcleaning capabilities, it makes your cooking and cleaning tasks easier.



The 73L capacity oven has an enamel cavity and six shelf levels. It offers four cooking modes:

• Expert: 11 Functions + 1 Favourite Function  

• Cooking Guide: 35 Dishes

• Combined Steam/100% Steam: 38/25 Dishes

• Expert Steam: 100% Steam, Traditional + Steam, Grill Ventilated +   Steam, Circulating Heat + Steam, Regenerate Bread

It also comes with accessories, including a drip tray, a perforated steam tray and a pastry tray, and uses Quattro Pulse Technology, an exclusive Brandt Technology that helps to diffuse the heat for consistent cooking.

Other features include Electronic Knob Control with Twin Interactive LCD Display and Smart Assist with recommended shelf height indicator.



A messy oven is a thing of the past, thanks to three pyrolytic cleaning options: 2hr, Eco, and PyroExpress (59 mins).

Pyro Cleaning is a complete oven cleaning process that uses high temperatures (up to 500°C) to self-clean greasy buildup after multiple uses and restores the cavity to look as good as new.