8 ways to create your dream kitchen

Often considered to be the ‘heart’ of the home, this is one space you’ll want to pay more attention to when designing your home. Here are tips to get the most out of the space you have and make it work for you.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where meals are made and the family spends precious time together. You probably have a picture in your head of what you’d like your dream kitchen to look and feel like, but if you don’t have much spaceto start with, you might be wondering how to bring your vision to life.

Thankfully, there are many ways to turn that compact kitchen into a beautiful, functional place, with ample storage to make organisation a breeze and with enough room for you and your family to move around and get the most out of the space.

From multitasking appliances to the latest kitchen design trends, here are some ideas to help you along. 


1. Consider how your kitchen will be used

Colette Tsai, Senior Designer at The Interior Lab, says that how often you use your kitchen will determine your choice of countertop and carpentry material.

“If you cook three times a day, your needs will be very different compared to if you only cooked three times a year,” she explains.

Thinking about having an open-concept kitchen? Consider your cooking style first. Searing, stir-frying, and deep-frying are cooking methods that are usually recommended in a closed kitchen, so if you cook this way a lot, you may want to think twice before tearing down walls and connecting spaces to create an open concept space.


2.Install user-friendly flooring

Beautiful flooring can really make a kitchen stand out. But if you have elderly relatives, small children and/or pets in your home, Colette suggests using tiles with higher slip resistance.

“Every material has its pros and cons, so go through each one with your interior designer before deciding what works bestfor your household.” 



3.Try the latestdesign trends

A classic design will never go out of style, but if you want to try a few trends, these are worth checking out, says Colette.

• A display cabinet with glass door is a dust-free way to showcase your crystalware and other kitchen knick- knacks.

• Pot racks are useful for drying and storing pots and cooking utensils, plus they add character to your kitchen.

• Under-cabinet lighting shines light directly on work surfaces, allowing you to see what you’re doing much better than ceiling lighting. It also brings out the colour and details of your space.

4.Choose materials that are easy to maintain

 “Most man-made materials are easy to clean because they are non-porous and chip-resistant,” says Colette. “Although I love how natural materials like marble or granite look, they take time and effort to maintain especially as they age.” 

5.Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour

Neutral colours like white, grey, brown and black are timeless, but you shouldn’t be afraid to use colour in your kitchen, Colette points out. “Go bold and make the space colourful. You can also use bright colours sparsely to highlight certain parts of your kitchen, for example, the  backsplash, flooring or appliances.”



6. Add character with interesting-looking knobs and handles

Another way to give your kitchen extra character is with interesting or unusual looking cabinet handles and knobs. Colette suggests mixing and matching different shapes and textures for extra impact.

7.Consider kitchen island alternatives

A kitchen island looks appealing, but Colette says that if you don’t have space for one, these items will work just as well:

• A pullout table gives you extra counter space as and when you need it.

• A small, movable table that you can place anywhere. Bonus: it also doubles as a dining table. 


8.Buy space-saving kitchen appliances
If you love appliances but don’t have much counter or cabinet space for them, two-in-one or multitasking appliances may be your answer. These picks from Gain City are perfect for the modern cook:


Tefal MF815 La Moulinette Ultimate Blender

This electric chopper is equipped with the exclusive Powelix Life blade technology. Featuring a hard titanium coating and a powerful 1000W motor with built-in motor protection system, it chops even the toughest ingredients with ease. It comes with a 1.5L blender accessory, allowing you to also mince, mix, grind, semi-blend and blend.  


Sona Steamboat with Grill SHPG2721

This cute and handy appliance includes a 3.4L non-stick Yuan Yang pot and a non-stick barbecue grill, so you can put together a family meal in no time. It also has a detachable cord and a side handle which makes it easy to move around.


Mayer 2-In-1 Air Fryer & Grill MMAFG58

Cook large portions of food with this interchangeable and multi-functional air fryer and smokeless barbecue grill. The appliance has a temperature range of 45 to 200 deg C, eight preset functions for air-frying, an oil drainage and collector drawer at the base, and non-slip feet.