PERFORMANCE REDEFINED - Powerful and Efficient Aircons

Encompassing their renowned engine and rocket launcher technologies, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries introduces the Diamond Series, a powerful yet energy-efficient air-conditioning system.

A pioneer of many firsts, leading air conditioner brand Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has invested and developed a new CO2 refrigerant technology. This airconditioning heavyweight has also taken the lead to introduce a first full-range of air-conditioning split systems that utilise the highly efficient and ozone-friendly R410a refrigerant. This time, it has launched the Diamond Series, an air-conditioning system designed for high performance with energy-saving features.


Quiet but Powerful

Powered by Jet Air Technology which engages the same aerodynamic technology as developing jet engines, this jet-air channel system provides efficient power while delivering uniform airflow to all corners to the room. Its robust performance emits one of the lowest noise levels of only 19dB though. A long reach airflow of 19 metres vastly increases airflow and is well suited for large residential spaces like communal zones.


3D Auto Technology

This automatic one-touch program with multiple motors creates three independent airflow controls. That means the cooled air flows directly to the ceiling, and not directly at the occupants of the room. This brings a comfortable airflow like a cool breeze. As it delivers a uniform and quiet airflow to all areas of the room, that achieves optimal ventilation and minimises energy loss. The airflow direction from the left and right louvres can be controlled individually to achieve eight different airflow patterns.


Cleaner, Purified Air

Through air cleaning technologies like the self-clean operation and the allergen clear filter, this air-conditioning unit is able to produce cleaner air and prevent odours. The self-clean operation reduces the growth of mould while the allergen clear filter of enzyme-urea compound deactivates allergens, mould and viruses for a germ-free space.


Smart & Intuitive

Through Fuzzy Auto Operation, this feature of temperature and humidity sensors monitors room conditions and automatically adjusts settings for a comfortable environment. It is also able to detect human activity and will stop operation to enter standby mode after a lack of activity for an hour. That helps to save on energy and minimises utility expenses.


Comfort & Convenience

Utilising the high power operation mode delivers cool and powerful air to cool the room quickly. To save energy, the air-conditioner automatically returns to the previous operation mode in 15 minutes. The air-conditioner also decreases noise level significantly when needed.