5 Reasons to Sign Up for Gain City's Group Buy

This service for new homeowners isn't just a convenient way to purchase home appliances, it also saves you money.

Shopping for appliances for your new home is fun, but when you’re pressed for time and have to buy several products at once, it helps to have everything you’re looking for, under one roof. Gain City has taken its one-stop shopping experience to the next level with its Group Buy programme. With Group Buy, you not only have access to a variety of quality home appliances, you can purchase them at low prices, too. If you’re a new homeowner, here are five reasons to sign up for Gain City’s Group Buy service today.



1. It's time-saving and convenient

Instead of going to many different stores or searching countless websites to find what you need, Gain City’s Group Buy programme makes the shopping experience faster and easier. “Our Sungei Kadut Megastore is Singapore’s largest consumer electronics store with the widest range of products, making it a one-stop shop for home essentials,” says Chen Yu Cheng, Assistant Showroom Manager.


"Thanks to this convenience, you don’t have to spend timeshopping for different products at different locations."


2. Enjoy peace of mind across a range of quality products 

Gain City stocks appliances from more than 50 well-known and trusted brands, so you know you’re getting only the best money can buy. You also enjoy after sales service and the highest-quality installation services, guaranteeing you peace of mind for your purchases.


3. You receive exclusive deals 

Generally, products are about 15 per cent cheaper than if you were to purchase them outside of the Group Buy programme. How does Gain City manage to offer its customers such amazing deals? “We’re always negotiating with our suppliers in order to score the best discounts,” says Yu Cheng. Leslie Koh, 33, a development manager, has been a Gain City customer for five years. Through the Group Buy programme, he saved almost $3,000. “Being part of a bulk buy arrangement means I ended up spending less money, and I got some excellent products, too, like an air-con unit, a TV set, a washing machine, an oven, a sound system, a vacuum cleaner and a hair dryer, from top brands like LG, Mitsubishi, Sony and Dyson.” Another loyal Gain City customer, educator Hana Cheong, 59, saved about $800 on the refrigerator, dishwasher, air-con unit and rice cooker that she purchased for her five-room flat. She says that the discounts were “amazing”.Lower prices aside, Group Buy customers also enjoy special deals with purchase. For instance, if you buy an aircon unit, you’ll receive vouchers valued at up to $350, which can be used to buy large home appliances, TV sets and soundbars. If you purchase appliances and TV sets at Gain City, you’ll receive additional discounts on furniture and bedding. All these discounts are on top of existing Group Buy promotions, so you’ll save a bundle. “Best of all, there’s no limit to the number of products you can buy,” Yu Cheng adds. “In fact, the more you buy, the more you save.”


4. You get professional advice and excellent customer service

If you need advice and recommendations, the knowledgeable Gain City staff are there to help. “Being Singapore’s biggest air-con retailer, Gain City also provides quality air-con installation using premium materials, plus, our staff can advise you on the best configuration for your floor plan and usage patterns,” says Yu Cheng. Leslie appreciated the help he received from the sales staff. “I told them that I wanted products that were lowmaintenance and that didn’t break down after a couple of years, so they showed me what was available and gave me their best recommendations. Deciding what to buy was easy, thanks to them.” Hana found out about Group Buy through a Gain City salesperson. The staff helped her register for the programme and talked her through the purchasing process, which she says was simple and straightforward.


5. You'll love the amazing savings

Gain City has an 8-Day Lowest Price Guarantee Policy. If you discover that the item you purchased is cheaper elsewhere, simply return to Gain City within eight days with proof of the cheaper item, and Gain City will refund you the price difference. If you only paid a deposit and Gain City cannot match the lower price, they will refund your deposit plus 3.5 times the price difference.


How to sign up for Group Buy

Sign up on www.gaincity.com/groupbuy and indicate your estimated key collection month. Gain City staff will then contact you to schedule an appointment at the store. On the day of the appointment, simply register at the registration counter. A Gain City staff member will tell you how Group Buy works, before directing you to a salesperson who will help you start your Group Buy journey.The Group Buy programme is open to all new homeowners regardless of whether or not they are Gain City members. The service is available year-round, usually on weekends.


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