Game on! Perfect Gaming Station Set Up

Get started on your own gaming room. Here's what you need.

So you’ve been clamouring to have a sanctuary of your own to set up your perfect gaming station. We’ve got some tips to help you fit out your space.

Gaming Chair

A comfortable gaming chair is a must. Since players spend long hours on it, a good quality chair is one with a backrest that provides good lumbar support for the back. Other comfort features include armrests and a foot rest.


Look for a computer that meets the following criteria: 
- Clear frames: The graphics card is what one should be most mindful of. It processes the frame rates for the gaming software’s visuals. Faster video cards create higher resolutions so the games’ visuals flow better. A card that churns out frame rates of at least 60 frames per second is good.
- Processor: Also known as the CPU, the processor is the PC’s brain. It instructs how the computer and software work. Intel’s i5 or AMD’s Ryzen 5 processors are the minimum for today’s games.
- Memory issue: Have at least 16Gb of RAM for the latest games.


  • Your room space determines the gaming desk’s size and shape – a large rectangular table in a wide area, or L-shaped for the corner. It should have enough space for the monitor, keyboard and mouse.
  • When it comes to starting a PC and loading game software, a solid-state drive (SSD) does the job twice as fast as a hard disk drive. Today’s entry level 512Gb SSD should be enough for current games.
  • For optimum Web access, keep your PC gaming station near to your Wi-Fi router or mesh. Better still, connect your PC directly to the Internet using the PCs Ethernet port if possible. All these reduce lagging.


Align the gaming monitor for comfort. Use a monitor stand to place the screen at eye level. For the large screen experience, connect a projector to the gaming system so it can project the gameplay onto a white wall or large white screen.



 A good surround sound speaker best immerses players into a game, thus making gaming more fun. A surround sound gaming headset does just as well. Whether wired or wireless, the headset must be comfortable, gives out clear sound and takes in voice clearly.


Gaming Mouse

A comfortable gaming mouse lets players better control their game. So choose a mouse based on the size and weight that is most comfortable in the gamer’s hands.



An LED backlit RGB keyboard projects combinations of red, green and blue light to generate custom colours on the keys. RGB keyboard software lets gamers program desired colours for various keys, or for different groups of keys for special sequences.


Light Source

Check the light source. If a desk is placed across a window, outside light can reflect on the screen and shine into the player’s eyes, making gaming uncomfortable. But if the room dictates that the gaming system can only be placed along the window’s light path, get blinds or drapes to cover the windows.


Mini Fridge

Pause for breaks in between long hours of gaming. Here’s where a mini fridge provides much-needed refreshments for all players.


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