Your Cooking Companions

Preparing a family feast has never been easier with these Tefal kitchen appliances.

Create a variety of dishes your family will love with help from two kitchen counter-friendly appliances from Tefal.

Tefal Easy Fry Grill & Steam FW2018

The 3-in-one Easy Fry Grill & Steam FW2018 combines an air-fryer, grill and steamer in one convenient appliance. In air-fryer mode, it creates golden fried treats that require little to no oil. In steam mode, foods like fish and veggies stay succulent with all their nutrients intact. Or use the grill mode to prepare juicy, tender meats. To save time, choose from seven automated programmes like Desserts and Nuggets. No pre-heating is necessary. Includes a digital recipe book with up to 30 chef-created recipes.
Cook all types of rice, from brown and white to glutinous and basmati, as well as congee and even desserts. Delirice Plus Rice Cooker RK776B makes the job hassle-free every time, thanks to the combination of Tefal’s thickest spherical pot and AI Smart cooking technology. The removable pot is durable and easy to clean – thanks to its anti-scratch ceramic coating. The 12H Keep Warm function keeps the pot warm for up to 12 hours so you can enjoy rice anytime.
EF’s latest 60cm Induction Hob constitutes 4 Induction or 2 Flexi Zones. Enjoy flexibility by combining two cooking zones to fit larger cookware or for teppanyaki. The hob features German Schott Ceran® Glass with Fine Print finishing, along with a scratch-resistant surface. A flexible power management system allows the hob to adapt to 13/16/25/32amp power.