The quintessential baker's kitchen

The Quintessential Baker's Kitchen

New to baking? Here's our list of items you really need and might be worth investing in.

Whether baking is your hobby or home business, you probably have a collection of tools and equipment that you use regularly, to whip up cakes, bread, cookies, pies and the like. You may even have a few specialty appliances or utensils that you bring out once in a while for more unique or complicated creations. Here’s our shortlist of must-haves for any home baker’s kitchen.Add your text

De’Longhi Sfornatutto Maxi Oven 32L

This large-capacity electric oven has upper and lower heating elements so you can be assured of consistent results every time. And the gratin function is ideal for perfectly browning dishes topped with breadcrumbs or cheese. Because the oven needs little or no pre-heating and circulates the heat generated for completely even cooking, it’s
great for bread and food that needs to be tender on the inside and well done on the outside.our 

Philips Hand Mixer 300W HR3705/11

Beat eggs and cream, mix cake batter and more, with this nifty device. It has a five speed and turbo setting, includes strip beaters and dough hooks, prepares cake mixes and batters up to 20% faster, and has a lightweight, ergonomic design to make mixing easy and comfortable.


Rubber or silicone spatula

Use this to fold dry ingredients like flour into  wet ingredients, or to scrape down every last bit of cake batter or cookie dough from the mixing bowl.

Oven mitts

Slip these on when handling pans on the stove and when taking scorching-hot baking trays out of the oven.

Measuring cups and spoons

Precision is crucial in baking, so you’ll want to measure dry ingredients and liquids accurately. Store these tools together and within easy reach, as you’ll be using them often.


Digital kitchen scale

Like measuring cups and spoons, a scale will give you accurate results for both dry and wet ingredients.

Baking pans and sheets

Stock up on pans in different sizes, for loaves, pies, cookies, and round, rectangular or squarecakes. Non-stick pans make turning out baked items quicker and easier.



Pastry brush

This versatile tool is good for greasing pans and coating pies
and pastries with egg wash, milk or cream.

Silicone baking mat

Besides providing a non-stick surface so that cookies and
pastries are easier to remove after baking, silicone mats help
your baked items brown more evenly on the bottom.

Bosch Chopper 400W


This is a compact and handy tool for chopping herbs and
nuts. It also has a beating disc for beating cream and egg

My top baking must-haves

Sheila owns Pastry Love by Sheila J (, a home bakery business that specialises in cakes and cookies inspired by her travels. Here, she shares her top four baking essentials.

• Cookie rulers: “These allow me to cut every biscuit and cookie evenly.”

British biscuit cookie cutter: “I use this for my English biscuits. It gives my custard creams that lovely classic

Disposable piping bags: “These are super useful for piping cream onto cakes and cookies. They don’t need a nozzle and can be discarded after you’re done with them.”

• Rolling pin: “A long and hefty rolling pin is perfect for rolling out cookie dough evenly. I also use my rolling pin to crush cornflakes and cookies intocrumbs.”