Suck It Up

Is bigger always better for vacuum cleaners? From robots to handheld ones to the more traditional models, we look at the best options for all your cleaning needs.

Robo-vacs free you up as they do the work for you. Simply place them in a corner of your home and programme them to clean at a time that suits you. The autonomous device usually features spinning brushes and a rolling brush and uses sensors to move around. As it moves, the brushes collect dirt, dust and hair, which are then sucked up and stored in a removable dust container. Some drawbacks: cleaning isn’t always efficient or thorough, and the device is usually noisy and requires frequent emptying.

Try: The Samsung Jet Bot+ with Clean Stationcleans more efficiently and thoroughly thanks to its Lidar Sensor, which calculates its location accurately and optimises its path. It also has a high-efficiency brush, and a clean station for convenient emptying of the dustbin. 

Compact, lightweight and versatile, these are great for spot cleaning or for removing
crumbs, dust, hair, sand and the like in small areas. Because they are small and portable, they can also be used for shelves, drawers and cupboards. Additionally,
they are easy to clean. Unfortunately, due to their small size, they may lack the power and capacity of full-size vacuum cleaners.

Try: The Bosch Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner BHN20L can be kept close at hand for a quick clean. Rechargeable, it’s good for small surfaces and upholstery.

The large vacuum head cleans large spaces rather quickly. It’s also easy to use, store, empty and clean, and works well on areas. Unfortunately, upright sofas and cupboards. both hard floors and carpeted models do not come with many attachments for tight corners. They may also be difficult to manoeuvre, particularly under sofas and cupboards.

Try: The Karcher Stick Vacuum 1600W SC2 is an upright steam cleaner. With its preset and easy-to-operate steam flow control in two stages, it removes up to 99.999% of coronaviruses and 99.99% of all common household bacteria from hard surfaces. The steam cleaner heats up in an instant and is immediately ready for use with a fillable and removable fresh water tank, including descaling cartridge.

Use a stick vacuum for quick clean-ups, especially on hard floors. Light and small, they are almost effortless to use and work fast, plus they are convenient for tricky
areas such as the stairs. You can also adjust their height and they are easy to store as they don’t take up much room. On the flip side, they don’t clean thick
carpets very well.

Try: The Toshiba Hand Stick Vacuum Cleaner VC-CLX50BF charges in 2.5 hours, is lightweight, features an innovative 6-cyclone structure, has a powerful dust compressor, and comes with a replaceable battery pack.

These are popular because they can be used on a variety of surfaces and have small, easy-to-manoeuvre heads that are great for cleaning around furniture. As they are usually fitted with wheels, they can be moved from one room to another, and most models come with attachments for upholstery, small corners and more. Cons: they are harder to store than upright or stick cleaners, and have poor carpet cleaning performance.

Try: The Philips Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 1800W FC9350/61 is compact yet powerful, featuring PowerCyclone 5 technology, a 1800W durable motor and a MultiClean nozzle.