Smart Home Appliances

Smart Home Appliances

The Advent of AI (Artificial Intelligence) has dramatically elevated today's lifestyles

From self-operating robotic vacuums to refrigerators with voice assistants, technology has allowed us to reach unprecedented
levels of convenience in an era of information wealth, catering to an ever-growing array of lifestyles.

For the absolute Smart Home, we have gathered a list of highly touted home appliances which have successfully integrated AI into the functionalities of urban home living.

Washing Machines

Toshiba T20 (TWD-BL160D4S) –Dual-Drum Washing Machine
Toshiba’s T20 Dual-Drum Washing Machine is reinforced with Toshiba’s hallmarked SenseDose™ function – a highly automated sensor that determines the optimal amount of detergent for your wash load. This allows for an efficient washing performance with almost zero waste!

It also comes with an upgraded drum capacity and alternate washing options to customise the wash for a particular age group which spans from infancy to adolescence.r text

LG's AI-powered WashTower Washer & Dryer

Modern washing machines are typically decked with a multitude of washing options designed for specific loads and garment types. This may prove to be rather complicated for even the most astute of users as it can be difficult to decide on the best option.

LG’s Objet Collection WashTower™ removes this ambiguity in decision-making with contemporary AI technologies. Its responsive in-built sensor automatically detects the most effective washing pattern based on your current wash load, simplifying and streamlining the entire process once you press Start, including the drying process.


Samsung Family Hub
Have you ever wondered how it would look like if a smart tablet and a refrigerator were to work together? You’d find yourself in the face of Samsung’s cleverest creation yet – the Samsung Family Hub. In addition to the cooling and storing capabilities of a conventional fridge, it comes with a fully-fledged virtual platform which you access via its 21.5-inch touchscreen. It contains one of the most extensive lists of utilities – from weather forecasts, a calendar you can sync to Google or Microsoft 365, a memo app which is highly customisable, to Spotify and more. If that isn’t enough, it even comes with its own intelligent voice assistant which helps regulate and personalise your fridge’s operations by learning your preferences, eating habits and routines. 

Bosch 8 French Door Bottom
Freezer (KFN96PX91I)

Integrated with a fully automated freezing function, this fridge has built-in sensors capable of studying and tracking both its internal and external environment. With this information, the sensors would perceptively adjust their temperatures to ensure the most optimal cooling conditions for your storage needs. In addition, it comes with a generous amount of space to accommodate large frozen produce.

Air Purifier
LG PuriCare AeroTower

Air Purifier

Simply intuitive, highly adaptable, and thoroughly effective, this purifier is arguably one of the best variants you can possibly find in its class. Its ever-active filter guard is complemented with LG’s signature UVnano™ technology to eliminate environmental bacteria and allergens. This is further reinforced with an in-built detector which informs you of your air quality via an LCD display as it monitors for airborne contaminants.