Kitchen Essentials

This steam oven and rice cooker are just what you need to prepare healthy family meals.

Toshiba offers a range of kitchen appliances to help you live a healthier life.


Choose a steam oven that suits your needs [MS1-TC20SF(BK), MS1-TC20SF(GN) and MS5- TR30SC(BK)]. Each oven has an internal dome-shaped design.

Select from three steaming modes: Quick Steam, which steams food quickly to retain the original flavours; Pure Steam, which simulates cooking on the stove with accurate power; and Slow Steam, which stews food slowly.

Cut down on the use of oil as the steam and convection functions help to keep your food juicy and tender on the inside.

The MS5-TR30SC(BK) Turbo Steam Oven has a built-in Vapor Lock which “locks up” steam produced during cooking and discharges it into the waste water tank directly.


The Toshiba Low GI Rice Cooker Series [RC-10IRPS(1L) and RC-18lSPS(1.8L)] creates fluffy and tasty rice quickly, thanks to the Induction Heating feature. It also features the sugar-removing basket, which isolates up to 41% of unhealthy starch from the rice while still retaining nutrients, as well as an optimal simmering process at 300 KPA which increases the amount of resistant starch in the rice by up to 79%. Resistant starch is healthier and does not convert into fats or sugar easily.