Breathe easy with Acer

Breathe easy with Acer

Air circulators and purifiers protect your home.


Acer’s 2-in-1 Smart Air Circulator and Purifier combines the best of both worlds, by integrating “Smart” and “Freshness” into the perfect technology for any home. The 2-in-1 Smart Air Circulator and Purifier comes with a HEPA Plus+ Filter that protects your home from 99.9% viruses and bacteria. It also fills the air with a high concentration of negative ions to eliminate pesky dust and PM1.0 particles.

The 2-in-1 Smart Air Circulator and Purifier, when combined with the Acerpure Life app, give you helpful insight into your indoor air quality and offers you the ease of control over your air circulator’s functions even when you are not at home.


Acer’s Air Circulator innovates with its turbine blade fan, creating a powerful 3D airflow when combined with the spiral flow guard, spanning a distance of 15 metres, to maximise your home comfort.


Not only is the Air Circulator quiet – said to be softer than a quiet library – its full-function remote control is also

convenient and hassle-free. Both the 2-in-1 Smart Air Circulator and Purifier and Air Circulator come with DC motors, delivering high-quality air circulation at very low electrical costs.