6 things you need to create a home spa for mum

It's easier than you think to give her a spa experience in the comfort of her home. 

Mum deserves to put her feet up once in a while and relax in a serene space, and you can’t go wrong with treating her to a massage or facial at her favourite spa.

But think about it: What if Mum could recreate the spa experience in the comfort of her own home? That way, she can pamper herself as and when she needs a little pick-me-up.

Here’s how.


(1) Set the scene

Pick a corner or room at home for Mum to relax. The space should be clean, uncluttered and quiet so that she can really unwind. Set it up like a spa treatment room (or as close to it as possible) with an armchair and a footstool or even just a few large cushions on the floor if you’re short on space. Enhance the atmosphere with aromatherapy aids, or add a small speaker if Mum wants to listen to soft mood music.


Choose soft lighting

The right lighting can enhance Mum’s home spa treatment. Instead of harsh or bright fluorescent light, opt for a small table or standing lamp with warm lighting or flameless LED tealight candles (these are battery operated and a lot safer than regular candles).


Making scents

Scents play a powerful role in helping to transform our mood. Different scents evoke different emotional responses. Citrus and peppermint fragrances, for instance, are uplifting and refreshing; geranium and eucalyptus are warming and grounding; and lavender and rose are comforting and mood balancing. Depending on Mum’s favourite scents, you can create a scented spa space for her using an aromatherapy oil diffuser or scented candles.


Get her some comfortable clothing

Mum will definitely feel like she’s at a professional spa if she has the right clothing and footwear. They needn’t cost a lot, but a simple, loose tunic or robe and a pair of fluffy slippers can helpher feel more comfortable.


Add these skin-loving tools and gadgets

A facial steam can help Mum cleanse her skin more deeply. A facial steamer, which emits a fine mist of steam to soften the skin, will stimulate blood circulation in the face and unclog pores.

There are also a few handheld devices she can try, depending on her skin requirements. For example, a face roller is designed to massage the skin to improve lymphatic drainage and give the face a more sculpted and contoured look. Some face rollers include a suction attachment, which is handy for cleaning out the pores. Other useful tools include a gua sha face scraper and LED face masks, which claim to address a variety of skin issues, from sagging and hyperpigmentation to acne and wrinkles.


Bring out the refreshments

Mum can wrap up her spa afternoon with some healthy snacks and beverages. Cookies, nuts, herbal tea and coffee are all good options.