Simple Pleasures- Interview UFM 100.3 DJ Wei Long

Simple Pleasures

The apartment’s modernist interior is a stylish symphony that reflects its owner’s passion for sports and music. City Living finds out how UFM 100.3 DJ Wei Long weaves elements of his character into his home.

We love the contemporary vibe of your home. How does your design style mirror your personality?

Wei Long: I would consider my house to be modern yet minimalistic. I wanted to keep to the apartment’s original colour of white, so I decided to make my home’s design simple with black and white, with the occasional splash of dark green, as you can see from my bedroom and plants. I feel that my home reflects who I am: A simple guy who enjoys the simple pleasures in life.

Looking at the badminton racquets on your wall grid, you must enjoy doing sports. What do you usually do after coming home from a tiring yet fulfilling workout?

Wei Long: I’ve actually been playing badminton since I was young. I started playing from Primary 3 or Primary 4! I am very active. I love to go to the gym, play tennis, run and swim. When I don’t exercise, I don’t feel good, so I prefer to keep my body active. After exercising, I like to hang out with my friends or family as I really do appreciate quality time spent with them.
badminton racket in house

Your “On Air” sign speaks of the pride you take in your work. Speaking of which, tell us your favourite spot for work.

Wei Long: Initially, I did my work in the study room. However, I felt a bit cooped up in that area due to the lack of space. I’ve taken a liking to moving my laptop to the island to do work as my living area is more open and airy. The fact that I get to admire the scenery outside the balcony when doing my work is a bonus!

We like how you’ve maximised the functionality of your home by interlinking the rooms. What advice would you give new homeowners with homes that have limited space?

Wei Long: When designing your home, you should take into consideration your lifestyle and how much space you need to live that lifestyle to the fullest. I enjoy watching shows and movies on television, sometimes falling asleep in the process. Hence, I designed my home in such a way that it would be comfortable for me to continue this lifestyle. I placed a sliding wall between my living room and bedroom so that I can watch shows while lying in bed. For me, feeling cosy was an important factor that I considered when planning the interior design of my home.
kitchen design

You really put a lot of thought into your home’s interior design. Which is your favourite feature?

Wei Long: My previous home lacked a sitting area for me to just chill. Hence, one of the main reasons why I purchased this place is because of the balcony. As my house is located on one of the higher floors, I get to be blessed with the view of a heartlands area of Singapore. I even get a clear, mesmerising view of the New Year’s Day fireworks from my home! I put a chair and some plants in the balcony area to provide a perfect environment for me to relax. Some activities I enjoy doing while sitting there are drinking wine and doing some light reading. I also enjoy thinking about life as I admire the view. Furthermore, at night, the breeze is very cooling, which is another reason why the balcony is my favourite feature of the house. Ask yourself: Which part of your home is your highest priority? For instance, as somebody who doesn’t cook or host friends often, the dining room was not very important to me when designing my home.

What would a perfect day at home look like?

Wei Long: I am usually busy with work on weekdays, but during the weekends, I like to wake up later at around 10 or 11am, depending on whether I have to do work over those two days. In the daytime, I will definitely indulge in some form of exercise. As I live alone, I find that weekends are the perfect time to do some housework to keep the house tidy. My perfect day also consists of hanging out with my friends!

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