Not Your Everyday Washer

Do more with your washer

When laundry needs to be done, Toshiba technology saves time and gives the ultimate clean.

Since its first top-loading washing machine in 1930, Toshiba continues to lead the industry by innovating consistently. Toshiba’s T20 Dual-Drum Washer Dryer, for instance, takes care of the washing and drying all in one machine – and more.

The T20 lets you wash delicate and heavy or large laundry items separately at once. Use the upper drum for underwear, babywear and pets’ clothes. The lower drum, ideal for one-step washing and drying, is a time saver.

Notably, the smart fabric detection technology and air wash also care for up to 18 kinds of fabrics. These include cotton and linen, wool, mink and silk, thereby eliminating the need to hand-wash delicate items and also saving on dry cleaning.

With hygiene a top concern, homemakers can enjoy peace of mind with the T20’s cold extraction silver ions. The ions attach to fibres to form an ionic membrane for 48 hours of anti-bacterial protection. Through a powerful 360-degree flow, it delivers 99.9 per cent sterilisation.

Among its other features, the dual-engine balance system stands out. Its Ferris wheel structure design with eight bars and four columns, seven shock absorbers and four suspension rods ensure that the drums run stably and quietly.