Water Heater

A warm shower after a long day is an easily affordable luxury with the right water heater. All it takes is deciding what works best for your home.

Instant heaters are suitable for compact spaces and are highly energy efficient. The 707 Kingston packs a punch with its Inverter DC Booster Pump, which, as its name suggests, helps boost low water pressure. What’s also great about this heater is its safety system, thoughtfully constructed with smart features for your piece of mind. These include an Earth Leakage Sensing Device, which shuts off the power supply upon detecting current leakage, and double-safety anti-scalding protection to prevent burns.

Another standout feature is its Stepless Power Selector, which allows precise control over the water temperature. Plus, the heating element is highly conducive to heat, which makes for reliable and lasting performance. Paired with its 11-inch-wide HydroSpa Ace Rain Shower Set, an unconventional feature for instant water heaters, the 707 Kingston promises a truly relaxing shower experience from start to finish.

Larger households can opt for storage water heaters. The Dalton is an excellent choice with its 15-litre and 25-litre offerings. Beneath its modest exterior is a reliable heating unit equipped with smart functions to increase heat efficiency and energy savings. Durability is a given, thanks to the Blue Enamel coated tank and heating elements.

Plus, its compact design enables even more space efficiency for easy installation and maintenance, a bonus for snug dwellings.

Both the 707 Kingston and Dalton come with 5-year and 10-year warranties respectively, as well as 2-year warranties for servicing and spare parts.