Gain City’s Extended Warranty is a comprehensive service plan, which covers electrical and mechanical repairs of home and personal electrical appliances upon expiry of manufacturer’s standard warranty.

What exactly are we offering?

We will extend the warranty of your products (selected products) for up to 5 years. Benefits include Unlimited Repair, Transportation, Replacement of Spare Parts, Labour and Product Replacement (If Beyond Economical Repair).

With our Extended Warranty, you can have added assurance with your purchases from as low as $0.10 a day and hassle-free repairs for all your breakdowns. We even offer repairs due to mechanical and electrical defect. Even when it is beyond mechanical and electrical defects, you can still enjoy a 1-to-1 product replacement. There is simply no need for consideration, we just made your next purchase choice easier.


• Peace of mind from as low as $0.10 per day

• Hassle-free repairs for all your breakdowns

• Repairs due to mechanical and electrical defect

• Product replacement if beyond repair due to mechanical and electrical defect

• Complimentary food spoilage protection benefit up to S$250 (refrigerators only) 

• Protection coverage up to maximum 5 years

• See Term & Conditions for complete details




• 24/7 Hotline –  Extended Warranty Service Hotline available any time of the day

– every day!

• On-site repair at your home*

• Repairs by qualified service providers

*For non-movable appliances

Repair of IT products is via drop off point




• Consumer abuse or damages incurred through natural disaster

• Consumables such as batteries, bulbs, tapes,etc.

• Cosmetic damage

• Products used for commercial purposes

• Damage due to power surges

• See Terms & Conditions for a complete list of exclusions

Our Extended Warranty Program is backed by Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore Ltd


Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need Extended Warranty?

All electrical devices are prone to electrical and mechanical failure. Repairs can be cumbersome and expensive. Having an extended warranty provides peace of mind and savings. For as low as $0.10 per day, parts replacement, labour costs or even a total product replacement* is available to protect your purchases.


How long does an Extended Warranty Plan cover?

Extended Warranty covers your product up to a maximum of 5 years. For IT products, coverage is up to 3 years.


Can I transfer the Extended Warranty Plan to a second owner?

Yes, you can call-in to our hotline at 6438 1212 to make the transfer within 14 days. Please provide product serial number and your personal details/ new owner’s details for owner verification and transfer.


Where can I purchase the Extended Warranty Plan?

All Extended Warranty Plans must be purchased in-store together with your product, or within 30 days from the product purchase date or delivery date (whichever is later).


When will my Extended Warranty coverage start?

Your Extended Warranty coverage will start upon expiry of your product’s original warranty.


How do I make a claim? 

Please call our Extended Warranty Hotline at 6438 1212. We operate 24/7 and 365 days a year.


Do I need to provide Proof of Purchase? 

Yes, in order to make a claim, we require a copy of your product’s purchase receipt (showing the purchase date and price). Please get ready the product serial number, and provide your name, contact number and personal details for verification. 


You can email to [email protected] or fax to 6535 5052


Visit www.gaincity.com for full terms & conditions.


* For damaged products beyond economic repair