Singapore’s FIRST Virtual Home Consultation

LET US BRING Gain City Megastore - Singapore largest consumer electronic & IT retail store TO YOUR HOME-

With the on-going COVID 19 pandemic; retail campaign that were supposed to happen have been pushed back multiple times now and almost everyone is going online. Gain City is the first consumer electronic retailer to start engaging our customers via Facebook LIVE Streaming. What’s NOW?

With the end of Circuit Breaker; retailers are expected to return to the economy in Phrase 2 - many will continue to go online to purchase products and services,. "In Singapore, the Circuit Breaker has changed lives for all of us, with consumers buying electronic and furniture – to support work, communication, school and entertainment – as well as home goods and DIY products" – Mr Kenny Teo, Managing Director Gain City. One way or another, many of us will emerge from this crisis with new ways of doing things – especially when it comes to consumption. Retailer, in turn, will need to adapt. And fast. Shoppers will be looking for spaces they feel safe.

Gain City is always re-inventing the retailer scene. Gain City’s customers buying via our e-commerce store can now view their desired product via our live chat/video call. Our sales staff can show our customers their desired products real-time. Customer can now see how a 3 door fridge compared to 4 door fridge look like and they can even send their floor plan to check if the size fit the space they have planned for and more . TVs from as small as 32" to as big as 82" can be selected/viewed at your finger tip.

4 ways the coronavirus pandemic is going to change the way we shop

1. Look. Don’t Touch
The coronavirus pandemic is changing how we think about touching things. It is still unclear how long it can linger on material like clothing etc.

2. Protect your personal space
Similar to avoiding touching things, we are thinking about protecting our personal bubbles. Social distancing of 1 m has been enforced. From Phrase 2 when consumers venture out, capacity will continue to be limited in stores. At Gain City; we will continue with our New Home Owners’ program by in-store consultation by appointment.

3. Shop Local
The pandemic has instilled in many consumers a greater interest in shopping local. People want to support their favourite coffee shops, breweries or dress boutiques – so that they don’t go out of business. Many shopper will still look to shop local, even post COVID-19 as more people realize how much they appreciate mom-and-pop shops.

4. Everything goes virtual
This pandemic has accelerated the rate of people meeting, learning, exercising and even dating virtually. Retailers are going to need to get creative, as consumers become more comfortable buying things on the internet. Gain City now has a virtual “try-on” feature.