Level 3 Highlights

Laptop Bay


Keen to test out the latest and greatest in the tech scene? Level 2 sees a wide variety of IT products for you to choose from! We'll start off with the Laptop Bay where some of the most in-demand models from top brands are on offer! Test them out and put them through the wringer as we understand how important it is to be comfortable with one's laptop!

IT Accessories

IT Accessories

And that's not all! With various IT Accessories for you to choose, ranging from gaming mice to storage devices, monitors and routers, you'll be spoilt for choice!

Lucky Cuisine

Lucky Cuisine Food Outlet

So we imagine that you must be hungry after all that shopping. That is why we established 2 food outlets with themes that would resonate well with the bellies of all singaporeans! Lucky Cuisine can be found here at level 3 serving local dishes at affordable prices (such as this scrumptious plate of Penang Fried Kway Teow)!

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