Level 2 Highlights

Laptop Bay


Keen to test out the latest and greatest in the tech scene? Level 2 sees a wide variety of IT products for you to choose from! We'll start off with the Laptop Bay where some of the most in-demand models from top brands are on offer! Test them out and put them through the wringer as we understand how important it is to be comfortable with one's laptop!

IT Accessories

IT Accessories

And that's not all! With various IT Accessories for you to choose, ranging from gaming mice to storage devices, monitors and routers, you'll be spoilt for choice!

Digital Imaging


Over here customers will be able to have a hands-on experience with the latest IT products and cameras. The digital imaging corner will feature all the latest cameras ranging from compacts to full-featured DSLRs. The needs of every photography enthusiast and gadget geek will be well catered to here with the wide variety, and our knowledgeable staff on hand will be able to provide the best advice on the most suitable device for every need.

Fans, Vacuums & More


And with a myriad of household appliances on display such as fans, vacuums, hairdryers, irons and more available in this very floor, you'd easily spend hours browsing our wares!

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