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Streamlined and simply understated, NOVITA AirCare Supreme™ Air Ionizer NAI 9000 exudes grace and exhibits the beauty of timeless elegance. Equipped with dual technology of Electron Spray Ionization and Plasma Corona Discharge, NAI 9000 purifies and sterilizes the air without the need for filters and other consumable parts. The advanced combination of abundance negative ions and controlled ozone eliminates airborne germs such as bacteria and viruses. NAI 9000 also removes dust, haze, unpleasant odour and other airborne contaminants to refresh the air. For good and safe indoor air quality at all times, NOVITA AirCare Supreme™ Air Ionizer NAI9000.


Advanced dual technology system. Powerful mode 1 & 2.

Equipped with dual technology of Electron Spray Ionization & Plasma Corona Discharge, NAI9000 combines the use of negative ions and ozone for good and safe air quality at all times.

In mode 1, NAI9000 generates more than 25 millions negative ions through the Advanced Electron Spray Ionization Technology to produce clean and fresh air.

In mode 2, Advanced Electron Spray Ionization Technology works hand in hand with Plasma Corona Discharge to produce more than 25 millions negative ions and controlled ozone concentration within 0.05ppm for enhanced air purification and sterilization.

Semi permanent technology. Greater ease of mind.

With no need for filters and other consumable parts, there is little to take care of except for the basic cleaning of the Plasma Corona Discharge Unit.

Save the hassle and cost of filter replacement and minimise the need for servicing and repairs with the ergonomically designed NAI9000.

Simply clean and maintain the Plasma Corona Discharge unit for optimum performance!

Low power consumption. High power efficiency.

There is no need to fret over electrical bill with NAI9000's low power consumption of 6 watts.

An air ionizer may be left on for many hours at a time so one that uses the minimum power is not only environmentally sound but will also mean a smaller electricity bill.

Using just 6 watts, NAI9000 has one of the lowest power consumption in the market so you save energy usage and money all at the same time!



Dimensions (W x D x H) 300 x 120 x 305 mm
Net Weight 2.83 kg
Power Consumption 6 Watts
Coverage (Optimum Performance) 60-400 sq. ft. or 6-37 m²
Control Mode Mode 1: Air Purification, Mode 2: Air Sterilization
Control Panel Touch Sensor Button
Display LED Ambiance Light
Technology Purification Electron Spray Ionization Sterilization Plasma Corona Discharge Electron Spray Ionization
Negative Ion Density+ ≥ 25 Million Negative Ions/cm³ + Negative ion density measurement is based from source emission.

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