SINGAPORE, 29 September, 2021 – Staying true to its winning formula of providing home solutions and insights, the fourth edition of City Living continues to be an invaluable resource for home product recommendations and renovations. In this edition, City Living also introduces local artiste Meixin Macy's favourite interior features, along with home décor tips and tricks.

City Living is an exciting 100-page lifestyle magazine positioned as the ultimate guide to innovative home living in Singapore. Published bi-annually by leading home appliance and consumer electronics retailer Gain City, this magazine simplify and cuts through the long and complex process of shopping for smart home appliances and furnishings with latest product trends, style guides, handy renovation tips and plenty of straight-forward know-hows. A must-have for the first-time home-owners to savvy upgraders alike, to enthusiasts keen on adopting the latest in smart home automation!

City Living magazine aims to reach homeowners who believe in making informed decisions when renovating or refurbishing their beloved homes, especially young urban owners, home-proud individuals and home trend followers. They are generally aged 25 and above with an appreciation of the finer things in life. Though budget-conscious, they are design savvy, well informed and willing to spend on quality items. This segment of home owners is also more conscious of maximising their living standards and spaces.

City Living magazine is now available at all Gain City outlets, major bookstores, selected petrol stations, convenience stores and supermarkets. You may also order the print copy or read the digital edition 24/7 on now!