The perfection of the circle brings an unimaginable experience that harmonizes your style

Samsung 360 Bladeless Cassette Air Conditioner

With a circular design aesthetic that perfectly fits the interior and its surroundings, the ‘360 Cassette’, winner of the iF Award (international Forum Design Award) 2016, is visually stunning. The bladeless ‘360 Cassette’ directs air uniformly in all directions using principles of wind currents, ensuring a fresh, natural, and pleasant breeze that completely eliminates cold drafts. Customers have called the ‘360 Cassette’ not only their ‘the first choice’ but also their ‘the best choice’.


Bladeless 360 Cassette

Cool Every Corner Of A Room With Even Air Flow
The circular-shaped 360 Bladeless Cassette is Samsung’s latest innovative design for air conditioning. The groundbreaking bladeless circular design allows for even cooling with no loss in air flow, setting a new standard for multi-directional cassette units.

Unlike traditional 4-way cassette units, the cutting-edge design of the 360 Bladeless Cassette delivers a zero angle airflow with our patented booster fan technology. It guides the air to generate different air flow patterns and evenly distributes cool air to ensure every corner of the room is maintained at the same temperature. The air volume is maintained at 100% to deliver an optimal even cooling performance without creating cold draft.

Even Air Flow Aircon

Enjoy Comfortable Air Flow With No Cold Draft
The 360 Bladeless Cassette features a stylish panel and intuitive LED display that allow users to change the air flow direction depending on preference. Users can choose from three settings including horizontal, vertical, and control individual zone air flow direction to enjoy comfortable cooling.

Comfortable Air Flow With No Cold Draft Aircon

Perfectly Fits In A Wide Range Of Interior Designs
The 360 Bladeless Cassette combines revolutionary performance with an elegant design which blend in and enhance any setting. Users have a choice of either black or white, square or round panel, to fit the air conditioner within the ceiling or exposed, and with any finishing such as wood, concrete, wallpaper and paint, offering ultimate flexibility to suit the style of any room.

Samsung has received 38 design awards for this 360 Bladeless Cassette, including one Gold award, at the iF Design Awards 2016 (International Forum Design Awards), which recognises excellence in craftsmanship and quality of products.

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